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sisalp1Hello, a functionnal question. What happens if I delete the draft po or draft invoices ?14:33
sisalp1Will they be recalculated next day ?14:34
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gueuxafter "confirming" a quotation, where does it go? I'd like to add an invoice for that quotation, but can't find it anymore...15:03
cedkgueux: it goes in "Confirmed Sales"15:03
gueuxhum, confirmed sales is empty15:05
gueuxoh! I can find my old quotation in "sales" but not in "draft sales", "quotations" nor "confirmed sales"...15:06
gueuxand if I select it, it is completely greyed15:07
cedkgueux: what is the state?15:07
gueuxState: "Done"15:07
cedkgueux: so the sale is done, you have no more anything to do on it15:09
cedkgueux: and then the only way to find it is in all sales15:09
cedksisalp: normally no, but I'm not sure on which cases you are talking15:10
gueuxno, I just "confirmed" it, just to tell tryton that the customer agreed the quotation15:10
gueuxnow I just want to edit a first quotation for that customer15:10
gueuxsorry invoice15:10
cedkgueux: when confirmed, the invoice is automaticly generated15:12
cedkgueux: and the sale goes to done because shipments are done and invoices paid15:12
gueuxwhen you "confirm" a quotation, it is weird to tag it as done and paid15:13
cedkgueux: it is not15:13
gueuxand I can't see any invoice15:13
cedkgueux: this is strange, could you show the sale?15:49
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cedksisalp: was my answer enough?19:41
sisalpcedk: I'm back at my desk, sorry19:43
sisalpcedk: well, yes and no. I was visiting a customer today who plans to migrate from openerp to tryton and my question was about some process which are difficult with openerp19:45
cedksisalp: like?19:45
sisalpcedk: for example the planner says "buy 100 units", then you edit the draft PO and decide to buy 50 units. Will remaining 50 be proposed again by the planner ?19:46
cedksisalp: yes19:49
sisalpcedk: super19:49
sisalpcedk: then I discuss with logistic people. It is a complex context. Some of the users thought that draft moves could be deleted without any consequences. and it seems it spoilt the stocks levels.19:49
cedksisalp: I spend a lot of time with bertrand to define the stock_supply module :-)19:50
cedksisalp: in Tryton, if you delete a draft move that was generated by sale or purchase, it will be recreated19:51
sisalpcedk: super again, this is what makes sens19:52
cedksisalp: otherwise draft move are ignored when in the past, and in the futur they are forcast19:52
sisalpcedk: are there cases where generated drafts are not recreated if deleted ? and is it on purpose ?19:53
cedksisalp: Tryton looks like it has less feature than OE but indeed it is just because it bevahes better so no need of lot of stuff :-)19:53
cedksisalp: yes if the system don't know about it19:54
cedksisalp: like you create your-self a draft record and delete it later19:54
sisalpcedk: excellent19:55
cedksisalp: indeed, on shipment you must delete a move if you don't ship it19:56
cedksisalp: so we have to take care of the delete19:56
sisalpcedk: this is next question: I sell 25 units when my stock is 0, a get a draft PO of 25, then I sell 30 units, and I guess I get a draft po for 30, then I delete both pos, and get a new po of 55. Correct ?19:57
sisalpcedk: well done on shipment this makes sens too19:58
cedksisalp: Tryton doesn't generate PO directly, it generate purchase request19:59
cedksisalp: so if you did not convert a PR into PO than they will be combined19:59
sisalpcedk: all this seems ok and Tryton should fit the need. Will make fast progress on this project. Thank you for these first answers20:02
cedksisalp: I wonder how we can make it more visible all those small improvements that safe life?20:04
jcmhi, back with questions!22:05
jcmis there some sort of list_price history ?22:05

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