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sdsk8any dev here?06:25
huyphamthanh8290@cedk: I would like to make a contact with you before I send you my proposal11:50
huyphamthanh8290the python-sql home page dont have much information11:51
huyphamthanh8290this is my first time working on a open source project11:52
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: did you read
huyphamthanh8290yes, i did11:53
huyphamthanh8290i am making my proposal11:53
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: so did you understand all?11:53
huyphamthanh8290i ve just fcus on the python-sql11:54
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: to begin, you could clone the repository and play a little bit with the library11:54
huyphamthanh8290cedk: ok, i will11:55
huyphamthanh8290cedk: but what should I include in my proposal?11:55
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: after that, you should do the same with Tryton11:55
huyphamthanh8290cedk: i think I need a brief explaination11:56
huyphamthanh8290cedk: and then the expected result11:56
huyphamthanh8290cedk: what more do I need to include??11:57
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: you must show that you know what you will do12:00
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: and what is your plan to succeed12:00
huyphamthanh8290ok, I understand12:01
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: the python-sql is just a little part of the project, the goal is to use it in Tryton12:01
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: so the important part of this project is how to replace progressivly sql string by python-sql12:01
huyphamthanh8290cedk: the "library" you said, you mean Python-sql library??12:03
huyphamthanh8290cdek: I couldnt find the link for the repository on the homne page12:04
huyphamthanh8290cedk: sorry this is my first time, I am unexperienced :)12:04
huyphamthanh8290cedk: sorry found it :(12:05
huyphamthanh8290cannot tell how I missed it12:06
huyphamthanh8290cedk: instead of #tryton channel, is there any other way I can contact you??12:07
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: as I'm not the only one mentor for GSoC, the best way to speak about your application is here or on the tryton-dev mailing list12:09
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: also you can apply for many ideas, if you want more chance to get one12:10
cedkhuyphamthanh8290: because there is already two others interrested in python-sql12:10
huyphamthanh8290cedk: ok, I undrestand :)12:10
huyphamthanh8290cedk: now I am going to play with it, thanks for your help12:12
huyphamthanh8290cedk: :)12:12
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shomonhi, I'm on ubuntu, how can I get the tryton-client 2.2?14:46
shomonis there a repo with it, or best to just download the source and compile?14:46
shomonalso if it's the latter, which package from here will give me just the client?
smarroshomon: download tryton-2.2.1.tar.gz15:05
cedkshomon: tryton is available on ubuntu:

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