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meanmiciocedk : ping00:53
cedkmeanmicio: pong00:55
meanmiciocedk : when using LibreOffice, the newlines from text fields are not being shown01:22
meanmiciocedk : Is this a known issue ?01:23
cedkmeanmicio: it is a known behavior01:27
cedkmeanmicio: you must loop over lines01:27
meanmiciocedk: thanks !01:34
meanmiciocedk: for each takes every single char :-)02:04
cedkmeanmicio: use str.splitlines02:05
meanmiciocedk : yes. Was just playing with split('\n')02:07
meanmiciocedk : thanks02:07
cedkmeanmicio: better to use splitlines02:08
meanmiciocedk: ok. I will use splitlines then02:08
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readyACTION holt seinen penis raus14:24
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