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coepsgood evening, I don't understand the reason for the "fieltype" function. Can someone explain the advantage or usecase? Or is there a docu about that?21:36
cedksharoonthomas: if you want I have more time now to discuss the web client22:52
sharoonthomascedk: sure22:52
sharoonthomascedk: to start off from our previous discussions, the web client will have similar functionality as that of GTK client.22:53
sharoonthomascedk: Q1: The client is planned to be a pure JS application, correct ?22:54
cedksharoonthomas: yes22:54
cedksharoonthomas: to try to get similar performence22:54
sharoonthomascedk: Q2: Have you finalized that proteus.js on jquery will be the framework to power the web client ?22:54
cedksharoonthomas: yes22:55
cedksharoonthomas: I did not yet review it but according to bechamel, it is quite close to be feature full22:56
sharoonthomascedk: Q3: What is the plan for deploying the web application ? this is important considering the Same origin policy of browsers22:56
cedksharoonthomas: from the trytond server22:57
cedksharoonthomas: but could be done via a reverse-proxy server or what ever22:58
sharoonthomascedk: i am not sure that works with gunicorn (which is now going to be the std way to deploy trytond)22:59
cedksharoonthomas: I don't understand22:59
cedksharoonthomas: as far as you get js and jsonrpc on the same hostname/port23:00
sharoonthomascedk: the best i can think of is that the web client gets served from something like http[s]://<tryton_server_host>:<tryton_server_port>/path23:00
sharoonthomascedk: and i think there is already some code in the RPC dispatchers which handle requests which start with sao/ in a special way23:01
cedksharoonthomas: yes23:01
cedksharoonthomas: but that's details23:01
sharoonthomascedk: have you thought how this could impact large scale deployments, meaning multi server deployments ?23:02
cedksharoonthomas: doesn't change anything23:02
sharoonthomascedk: thats assuring :)23:03
cedksharoonthomas: and in anyway, I don't see who will need such "webscale" installation23:03
sharoonthomascedk: I saw the email estimating that it would take 80 man days, has anybody come forward with any commitments to pay up ?23:04
sharoonthomascedk: reg "web scale" requirement you never know ;)… but i guess its better to support horizontal scaling from start of design23:06
cedksharoonthomas: somes but nobody (except pheller for 150€) gives amount23:07
sharoonthomascedk: from our end we would like to commit resources (including myself) rather than monetary contribution. Is that something that you are looking for ?23:08
cedksharoonthomas: for us, it is difficult to count on this for the quote23:10
cedksharoonthomas: but of course, reviewers and contributors will be welcome23:10
sharoonthomascedk: that was my next question, what is the minimum number of days paid for that will be needed to start work ?23:10
cedksharoonthomas: I think we need full otherwise nobody will be happy with an half client23:13
sharoonthomascedk: makes sense, but not sure if such a large amount can be raised23:17
cedksharoonthomas: B2CK will not spend more on this topic for many reasons23:21
cedk1- it is boring23:21
cedk2- it is not a real need23:21

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