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sharoonthomascedk: is there any known issue with 2.4 regarding reload of the modules ?17:24
cedksharoonthomas: what do you mean?17:26
sharoonthomascedk: i am having an issue that after i restart the triton daemon, it doesn't load the new modules that have been installed to site-packages17:26
sharoonthomascedk: also killing the server causes AttributeError: SimpleThreadedJSONRPCServer instance has no attribute 'shutdown_request'17:27
cedksharoonthomas: you must update to have the new modules17:27
sharoonthomascedk: with -u ? makes sense17:28
cedksharoonthomas: is it a question?17:30
sharoonthomascedk: nope, the change makes perfect sense, i missed the change somewhere in the development process17:31
sharoonthomascedk: thanks17:31
cedkudono: could you send me your database for production?21:58
cedkudono: I really want to commit module this WE21:58
cedkudono: For that, I would like to understand your issue21:58

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