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smarrocedk: ping19:13
cedksmarro: pong19:15
smarrocedk: you know if something happens with
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smarrocedk: i get a 500 Server Error19:16
cedksmarro: yes, we exceed the number of read19:17
smarrocedk: ah, ok19:18
cedksmarro: need to wait for the reset counter of Google19:18
cedksmarro: it is one of the reasons, I would like to migrate to our own host19:18
smarrocedk: yes, good idea19:19
cedksmarro: yes but nobody works on it19:20
smarrocedk: you are talking about the thread "Being less Google dependent"?19:21
cedksmarro: yes19:21
cedksmarro: indeed there was a bot from NerdByNature that started crowling the website without respecting robots.txt19:26
smarrocedk: is there a roundup bug created for the exporter that has to be written?19:28
cedksmarro: I think19:28
smarrocedk: because i can't find it19:29
smarrocedk: ok, i will take a look19:33
cedksmarro: I think I have explain on the mailing list the first step19:34
smarrocedk: yes, you said "So it is needed to write an exporter for each objects like explain here"19:35
cedksmarro: yes, to write the exporter, you need to look what will be the postgresql schema of reitveld with django19:39
cedksmarro: if you work on it, I can give you access to GAE19:41
smarrocedk: ok, i will find time to work on this19:44
cedksmarro: the repo of codereview:
smarrocedk: that repo is a hg changeset patch only... correct?19:58
cedksmarro: yes20:00
smarrocedk: ok, i see the changes20:00
cedksmarro: I have also create a repository for roundup:
smarrocedk: ok, i was looking at the roundup and rietveld integration at Python project...20:09
__efx__hello everybody, I am creating a personal module for21:13
__efx__is it possible to add default value for the field ?21:14
__efx__for example I have in my model a date field and I want to set it to the actual date, so that when somebody creates a new record the value is by default "today". I also want the user to be able to modify it if he wants21:20
cedk__efx__: you must define a method with the name: "default_<field name>"21:21
cedkgot unittest passed on the ActiveRecord patch \o/23:37
bechamelcedk: about the cache issue: I don't see in which situation it may be a problem23:42
cedkbechamel: with or without my proposal?23:42
bechamelcedk: without23:42
cedkbechamel: if you don't see why having local cache never clean is not a problem, I don't know how to explain23:44
bechamelcedk: the cache is obviously clean at the end of the transaction, no ?23:45
cedkbechamel: this is not enough23:45
cedkbechamel: it must be in sync with the DB23:46
bechamelcedk: ok; so a problematic situation is updating a sale line and then reading the sale amount ?23:48
cedkbechamel: yes23:48
cedkbechamel: it is clear that it must be cleared between each method calls23:50
cedkbechamel: the problem is how23:50
bechamelcedk: to be sure to understand everything: currently we don't have this cache problem because we re-read the db each time a browse record is instanciated ?23:54
cedkbechamel: yes23:54
albertcacedk: but isn't the cache invalidated whenever there's a write in that model?23:57
bechamelcedk: just thinking out loud: and what if we decide that it's up to the developper to tell when to clean the cache ?23:57
cedkalbertca: yes but only the global cache, not the local one of the browserecord23:58
bechamelalbertca: the problem is when the cache content depends of values coming from other models23:58
cedkbechamel: I think it is bad because to keep modularity you can not rely on the behavior of other methods23:58
cedkbechamel: so as I said in the email, we will finish by clearing cache at the begining of every methods23:59

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