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cjbarnes18I'm having a bit of bother with the tryton 2.2 client in ArchLinux.  I have a model with editing in the list with a selection type field.  In Arch I get an aroor and cannot set the selection field, in Ubuntu it's not a problem.21:18
cjbarnes18eroor = error21:18
cedkcjbarnes18: it is strange, have you the same source code?21:21
cjbarnes182.2.1 installed from pypi in both cases.21:21
cedkcjbarnes18: same python version?21:23
cjbarnes18yes, the difference I suspect is in gtk21:25
cjbarnes18in Arch the error is  "gtk.ComboBox" object has no attribute 'set_text_column'21:27
cedkcjbarnes18: which version of gtk?21:28
cjbarnes18cedk: gtk2 2.24.10-321:30
cedkcjbarnes18: could you give the full traceback (using a pastebin site)21:32
cjbarnes18only 2 lines21:35
cjbarnes18there is ab odd difference in ubuntu, it seems to be using a spinbox widget instead of a combobox widget.21:36
cjbarnes18will that be in 2.4?21:40
cedkcjbarnes18: it is in 2.2.121:41
cedkcjbarnes18: I'm pretty sure you have 2.2.021:43
cjbarnes18cedk: strange.  I installed tryton into a virtualend using easy_install I didnt specify a version. but how did I end up with 2.2.0 ???21:44
cjbarnes18cedk: perfect, I have updated it to 2.2.1 and it is happy now. Thank you.21:52

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