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__efx__Is it possible to connect to a tryton server through xmlrpc with proteus ?01:00
cedk__efx__: yes, use config.set_xmlrpc01:02
__efx__cedk : thank you! Is it also possible through jsonrpc ?01:08
cedk__efx__: no jsonrpc01:10
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meanmiciocedk : ping23:30
cedkmeanmicio: pong23:35
meanmiciocedk : changeset 2787:140087fedf85 did not get into 2.4.123:35
cedkmeanmicio: not yet23:37
meanmiciocedk : do you know when it will be backported ?23:38
cedkmeanmicio: normally about 1 week after commit23:39
meanmiciocedk : But you committed this one a while ago23:42
cedkmeanmicio: the 523:45
meanmiciocedk : Thought it was way back ago. Sorry :-)23:48
meanmiciocedk : It would be great it we can push it this week though23:49
meanmiciocedk : I'm going through the bug-squashing process23:49
cedkmeanmicio: I will try to keep my monday backport task23:50
meanmiciocedk : thanks23:53

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