IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2012-05-26 #tryton log beginning Sat May 26 00:00:02 CEST 2012
cjbarnes18cedk: ping00:04
cedkcjbarnes18: pong00:13
cjbarnes18Hi cedk, I am woking on installing modules from source tree00:35
cjbarnes18I am installing twice, once with --no-dep, then with ---upgrade00:36
cjbarnes18problem is this installs dateutil v200:36
cjbarnes18are you aware of a better way of itterating over the modules to install all of them?00:37
cedkcjbarnes18: I guess you could use the list:
cjbarnes18arent there new modules comming to 2.5 soon?00:40
cjbarnes18 I have no problems generating a list from the modules directory, only problem is that they depend on each other, and to get them to install at all without a pypi index is with nodeps AFAICT.00:44
cjbarnes18Then once theyre it they know where theyre from and I can get them to rinstall with deps.00:45
cjbarnes18* once theyre in.00:45
cjbarnes18is there a way to generate a suplementary index thatI can use with pip?00:46
cedkcjbarnes18: I don't understand why you want install the development modules?00:47
cjbarnes18sorry, this is for the translation server script.00:47
cedkcjbarnes18: still why do you want to install?00:49
cjbarnes18this (I thought) was your reccommendation to get correct dependencies.00:51
cedkcjbarnes18: ok but I don't see how you can know the right order00:54
cjbarnes18cedk: this is why I setup twice00:55
cjbarnes18cedk: this way I dont need to know the correct order.  but just now the problem that dateutil at pypi has no python version hints00:56
cjbarnes18cedk: if you arent immediately aware of a way round his, dont worry, I'll keep looking.00:57
cedkcjbarnes18: for dateutil, you just install it with dateutil <2.000:58
cjbarnes18problem is vobject dosnt know that.00:58
cjbarnes18cedk: is there a way to pin it?00:59
cjbarnes18cedk: or blacklist?01:00
cjbarnes18cedk: dont worry, I'll figure something....01:01
cedkcjbarnes18: I don't know01:03
cedkcjbarnes18: should read the doc of pip01:03
cjbarnes18cedk: thank you for your time, will let you know how it goes. :)01:05
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