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piloucedk: I don't understand your last comment: , I have used the web interface (rietveld) in order to reply.16:45
cedkpilou: you must reply to the comment16:46
piloui have used the "reply" link below your first comment. Is there another link ?16:48
cedkpilou: in the comment16:48
pilouseems a bad behavior of rietveld16:49
cedkpilou: it works well since years16:51
pilou"reply" link below the comment here and "reply" link here have a different behavior. When used, the two quote the comment.16:57
lukioHello, is there any module like "Secondary Units" of OpenERP in tryton? thanks!21:08
bechamellukio: not sure where this secondary unit is useful22:00
bechamellukio: IMO converting between two caterogy of unit is a production22:01
lukioToday our problem is that the system should buy Kilograms of paper, but sell sheets of paper. As far as we could see, the units of conversion works only at the same category.22:28
lukiobechamel: do u think that production module may solve this problem?22:29
bechamellukio: I think the production module would be useful, but custom one would be needed to automate conversions22:39
bechamellukio: but if the page/kg ratio is constant, I would consider creating a unit of measure called page in the wheight category22:41
lukiobechamel: it's a good idea, but depends on the type of the page.22:43
bechamellukio: this is why I said that I don't see the point of the secondary unit: if the ratio is constant then the two units are in the same category, if the ratio is not constant, a production is needed to correctly map quantities between the units22:43
bechamellukio: yes, actually there should be one category per paper type22:44
bechamellukio: and you can define a default UOM and a sale UOM and a purchase UOM by product22:49
bechamellukio: the default is used when doing stock moves and the other are used on purchase/sale orders22:49
bechamellukio: like that you can buy in kg, do your inventory with boxes, and sell per page :)22:52
lukiobechamel: thanks for your time, i will try it.23:00
bechamellukio: you are welcome, do not hesitate to give feedback of your test on the mailing list. Even if nobody answer your mail, maybe some people are/will be interested23:05
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