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__efx__Hello, I have a strange behavior in the client. I add a Company and a party and associate the party to the company as a new employee. When a try to create a user in the admin module I can not select the employee I just created. Have I missed something ?11:19
__efx__Ok I understand I can only add employee in the employees list but not in the employee field what is then this employee field of the User ?11:21
bechamel__efx__: there are employees that are not users11:36
bechamel__efx__: so creating an employee doesn't create a user11:36
bechamel__efx__: so you must create a user and link it to an employee11:37
__efx__bechamel: that's exectly what I did, however I can not find the employee in the employee field of the user,  however they can be added in the employeeS of the user11:56
__efx__bechamel: that's why I don't understand the difference between the list of employees and the simple employee field of the user module11:56
bechamel__efx__: did you check if they are all in the same company than the admin ?11:57
__efx__bechamel: yes11:58
navishi all, after quite a pause in my tryton research and experimentations, I have edited with a better segmentation of the problems and potential solutions to the issues for b2c adaptations in tryton12:48
naviscan anyone with an interrest in this have a look and comment ?12:48
navis(here or on the wiki)12:50
bechamelnavis: Hi, you will reach a bigger audience if you talk about it on the mailing list12:52
navisI read the mailing list through gmane, do you know if posting from gmane works ?12:56
navisbechamel: I just sent a message through gmane, will see if it works, otherwise I'll repost it through the web interface12:57
bechamelnavis: never tried12:58
bechamelnavis: about the blueprint: IMO it is a good summary of the issue12:59
bechamelbut it may help to list the possible use cases, because this will help to balance pros and cons of the solutions13:00
navisbechamel: is the google group moderated ?13:01
bechamelnavis: yes13:01
navisbechamel: have you received my gmane message ?13:02
bechamelnavis: but I don't see any messages in the moderation queue13:02
navisbechamel: ok so I'll assume that it doesn't work and repost through the web13:02
navisbechamel: thanks for your comments. The use case is easy: all facilities facing end users *must* use this workflow13:03
bechamelnavis: you can also send a mail with your mail client (it's the default way of using it)13:03
bechamelnavis: i'm thinking about the sentence : "Implementing it as another object means that all extentions made to sale are not automatically availlable in that new object"13:04
bechamelnavis: and I don't see where/how it can be a problem13:05
bechamelnavis: if the use case is a point of sale: no need to create one shipment per sale and no need for invoice13:06
bechamelnavis: and most probably no need for the sale_price_list module13:06
navisbechamel: a pos is one possible use case, but not the only one13:07
navisbechamel: think a retail web site, a phone order company,...13:08
navisbechamel: in the introduction: Note that while this is a probable requirement before a pos solution can be implemented, it is tackling a different problem than a pos workflow or interface. Any b2c facing facility (web sites, phone orders, deliveries, pos,...) is impacted.13:08
navisbechamel: this is definitely needed for a pos, but not only in this case13:09
bechamelnavis: ok, I skipped the intro :)13:10
navisbechamel: besides, a pos also needs invoicing13:10
navisbechamel: rhaaa, I make a nice intro, with nice phrases and all, and it's like a manual, nobody reads it :-)13:12
bechamelnavis: ;)13:13
sharoonthomasnavis: its a good summary f the issue as becamel said13:53
sharoonthomasnavis: about storing the tax included price, i am doubtful of its feasibility, because there could be several tax included prices depending on who you sell it to?13:54
navissharoonthomas: yes the tax included price has to be linked to the most common scenario14:08
navissharoonthomas: for example in Belgium, this is belgian vat and taxes14:09
navissharoonthomas: all other clients (for example from France) could have different prices14:10
sharoonthomasnavis: exactly the point, so even if we assume b2c there will be several tax situations for which the tax included price has to be stored ?14:11
navissharoonthomas: I don't think it's necessary to store all of them, most shops have a most common scenario, which is the one that should be used14:15
navissharoonthomas: for example, to calculate prices using rounding on tax included prices in pricelists, you can only do that for one scenario14:16
navissharoonthomas: other scenarii cannot have rounded prices14:17
navisI have edited the wiki to add that precision14:18
navisand I just added all irc logs for reference14:36
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