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rhubnerHi nicoe16:27
nicoerhubner: hello16:29
rhubnernicoe: I have a problem in widget...16:31
rhubnernicoe: when it call self.screen.reload() every methods are callel again16:31
rhubnernicoe: the problem is i dont have ou i dont know when it save the information of scale16:33
rhubnernicoe: or* i dont know16:33
nicoeWhat do you mean by 'save the information of scale'16:34
rhubnernicoe: when i moved the cursor of scale, every methods are called and information missing16:35
rhubnernicoe: did you understand?16:36
nicoewhat information is missing ?16:42
nicoein the codereview you do not set the context I see16:43
rhubnernicoe: the new gtk.Scale value chosen is missing when self.screen.reload() is called16:44
rhubnernicoe: I would have to store in some session variable, but I dont know how do this...16:45
rhubnernicoe: I didnt set the context with date beacause i cant resolve this16:46
nicoerhubner: you should somehow remember what was the date before reloading16:46
rhubnernicoe: so.. some session variable store it, but how do it16:47
nicoerhubner: store it on the widget16:48
nicoerhubner: the TimelineWidget16:49
rhubnernicoe: but when the widget reload, the TimelineWidget is reloaded too16:50
rhubnernicoe: and every data is missing, did you understand?16:50
nicoethe TimeWidget is recreated each time ?16:51
nicoeI doubt it16:51
nicoeyou mean that __init__ is called after change_record16:52
rhubnerthis is the problem16:52
nicoerhubner: btw only the file is available in the codereview16:52
nicoerhubner: where is ?16:53
nicoerhubner: please upload a correct codereview with both files so that I can test16:54
rhubnernicoe: the first patch os code review i put form.py16:54
nicoerhubner: the second patch must also include it16:55
rhubnerbau the second patch the didnt have changes ...16:55
nicoerhubner: anyway from the trunk version of tryton both files have changed16:56
nicoerhubner: so they must all be in the patch16:56
rhubnernicoe: haaaaaa but didnt I had to send only changes... everytime that i send in code review do i have to send from trunk version?16:58
nicoerhubner: yes of course, other people only know about the trunk16:59
rhubnernicoe: I'll do that...16:59
rhubnernicoe: but how do i reload widget without call __init__ method?17:00
rhubnernicoe: this is only change in
nicoerhubner: I know it but anyway you must provide a patch against trunk17:09
nicoerhubner: for the reload I am investigating the issue17:10
nicoerhubner: but according to me screen.reload do not go through the __init__ of ViewForm and thus do not go in the __init__ of TimelineWidget17:11
nicoerhubner: please publish a correct codereview so that I can easily test17:12
rhubnernicoe: ok... I'll now17:12
nicoerhubner: thanks17:13
rhubnernicoe: i think is right now:
rhubnernicoe: sorry if I left a line for print in the terminal, is to test!17:27
rhubnernicoe: i have lunch now, I'll be back in a moment17:27
nicoerhubner: It's OK now, no problem for the print ;)17:28
rhubnernicoe: come back17:58
__efx__I use proteus actively and I would like to find a way to do an action before each time the save method is called without having to modify the core of proteus. Is it possible ? Basically is it possible to create a class that will inherit everything from the Model class and then just rewrite the save method ?21:22
__efx__I looked at pattern decorator technik but since I instantiate the object with Model.get and not as usual with a constructor21:27
oscarDo maybe somebody create report for .ods format?22:38
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oscarIs it possible create .ods report from tryton likes .odt report?23:07
cedkoscar: I guess it must be possible23:10
cedkoscar: but I never tested, so fill an issue if it doesn't work23:11
oscarOk, thanks I will try and test it23:12

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