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grek324Hello, I am searching for a module to make sale statistics. Most selled Items per month for example. Do someone have such an module and can give some code or make offer.11:15
sharoonthomascedk: is there any kind of decision/recommendation on package uploads to pypi13:55
cedksharoonthomas: what do you mean?14:21
sharoonthomascedk: you were talking about removing the 'trytond_' prefix from package names14:21
cedksharoonthomas: not for Tryton modules14:23
sharoonthomascedk: yes, for the custom modules14:23
cedksharoonthomas: it looks like we did not yet come to an agrement14:24
sharoonthomascedk: we have a handful of modules on pypi, and we'd like to rename/change them accordingly14:24
cedksharoonthomas: first, I find that for nereid, you could just prefix with nereid_14:24
sharoonthomascedk: yes14:25
cedksharoonthomas: after that for others, I don't know, it depends on each modules and what you want for it14:25
cedksharoonthomas: you can prefix with your company name or your name etc.14:25
cedksharoonthomas: the main idea is that it doesn't look too close to Tryton standard naming14:26
sharoonthomascedk: its a good alternative but reminds me of javaish
cedksharoonthomas: yes but it is just about the name of the package14:27
sharoonthomascedk: do you sign tryton official packages ? as in --sign14:28
cedksharoonthomas: no14:28
sharoonthomascedk: its ueless as long as pip doesn't check it14:28
cedksharoonthomas: I did not look at it14:29
cedksharoonthomas: moreover, it is useless for Tryton as far as we don't have a clear process for it14:29
sharoonthomascedk: you are a gentoo dev right ? how does gentoo handle this ?14:30
cedksharoonthomas: normally, we should sign with our gpg key but I did not yet do it14:31
sharoonthomascedk: ok14:31
scrapperhello folks, need with decimal places for tax "Amount" creation in /module/account/tax.py14:32
scrapper   amount = fields.Numeric('Amount', digits=(16, Eval('currency_digits', 2)),14:32
scrapper        states={14:32
scrapper            'invisible': Eval('type') != 'fixed',14:32
scrapper            }, help='In company\'s currency',14:32
scrapper        depends=['type', 'currency_digits'])14:32
scrapperWhen a new tax is created its not possible to add Decimal Number with ","  (comma)14:33
scrapperI guess because on creation the type is None. But I have no clue. Could someone tell me what could cause the problem?14:33
cedkscrapper: what is the currency and language?14:33
scrapperCurrency is Euro - language is german.14:34
scrappercedk: Currency is Euro - language is german.14:35
cedkscrapper: it works on demo server14:36
scrappercedk: good idea to check in the future - on the demo server. I will keep trying. thx14:37
scrapperAfter saving and reopening I am able to see and add decimal places to the tax Amount.14:37
scrappercedk: but not on the first run.14:38
scrappercedk: using Tryton Version 2.2.0 and postgresql 8.414:38
cedkscrapper: I think it is fixed by a patch14:40
scrappercedk: thx will keep eyes open for that patch.14:41
cedkscrapper: can not find it14:42
scrappercedk: don't worry. some more ours i will have it :-)14:43
scrappercedk: -ours +hours14:43
sharoonthomascedk: was checking our your POC of sao on issue44200114:44
sharoonthomascedk: there is no, so how do you translate ?14:44
cedksharoonthomas: pyjsbuild soa14:45
cedksharoonthomas: does it build?14:54
sharoonthomascedk: yes, throws up the login dialog too14:55
cedksharoonthomas: be careful that the last release of pyjs has a HTTPRequest buggy14:56
cedksharoonthomas: you must use the git version14:56
sharoonthomascedk: already using the git version14:58
sharoonthomascedk: the chrome console shows some errors but reading the code, i guess its not meant to do anything more than close the dialog on entering a db, username and password ?14:58
cedksharoonthomas: yes15:00
cedksharoonthomas: and what do you think about?15:08
scrappercedk: I have checked it online on demo server 2.2.0 - in english and in german. its not possible to add decimal places to "Amount" - will try to find a fix for this.15:23
cedkscrapper: linked to
cedkscrapper: but your issues could be fixed by adding a default method for digits fields15:35
scrappercedk: thx will invest into that issue and try to understand.15:35
cedkscrapper: so probably good to report issue and fix it until issue2495 is developped15:35
scrappercedk: I am going to report as soon as I understand the issue.15:36
scrappercedk: thank you!15:36
scrappercedk: and try to provide a fix for that15:37
cedkscrapper: ok but first create the issue and mark you are working on15:40
scrappercedk: ok15:41
shomonhi, does anyone use tryton in connection with drupal?15:50
shomonis it easy to write some way to export and import data between them?15:50
cedkshomon: drupal is written in PHP, so you will have to use XML-RPC to communicate15:51
shomonah good I thought csv :S15:52
shomondo you know if anyone has tried before cedk ?15:52
cedkshomon: don't know15:53
shomonthanks :)15:55
shomonis there a guide to installing 2.4 on ubuntu?15:55
cedkshomon: there is
cedkshomon: not up to date but XML-RPC did not change a lot since 1.615:56
cedkshomon: Tryton is packaged in Ubuntu15:56
scrappercedk: how and when do those default_methods get called?16:18
scrappercedk: sorry but can't find a calling point.16:19
cedkscrapper: in Model.default_get16:20
scrappercedk: great thank you!16:20
grek324 Hello, I am searching for a module to make sale statistics. Most selled Items per month/week for example. Do anyone have such an module and can give some code or make offer for this?16:50
cedkgrek324: you shoudl ask on the mailing list16:53
cedkgrek324: but I think it will be great to define common report and make a standard module16:54
grek324cedk: ok19:33

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