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shomonhi, how do I change a label set in a module? it won't let me change it...12:20
shomona menu label that is12:20
shomon"this register is part of basic configuration" - I have it in catalan you see12:22
nicoeshomon: you can change the .po file or create a new language12:54
shomonI'm just doing that, thanks :) I found the page on how to translate tryton12:55
zodmanwow a lot of users17:29
zodmanwell someone have this issue with unoconv ?17:29
Timitoszodman: is it debian? you may need to install libreoffice-writer and maybe libreoffice-draw if they are not installed17:38
zodmanit is a arch linux17:38
zodmanok letme check if with it solve it17:39
bechamelzodman: I found this
zodmani checking it17:44

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