IRC logs of #tryton for Thursday, 2012-08-09 #tryton log beginning Thu Aug 9 00:00:02 CEST 2012
smarrocedk: ping00:31
rhubnerhi cedk16:33
cedkrhubner: hi16:35
rhubnercedk: I updated the repository of tryton client and when I run show this problem:
rhubnercedk: do you know what is it?16:38
cedkrhubner: i guess you have a syntax error in form.py16:39
rhubnercedk: but i didnt edit this...16:41
cedkrhubner: check the file16:44
rhubnercedk: I found... I've made the error ... sorry! :)16:49
diegoMhi, Im having a problem with default properties21:20
diegoMwhen I creates a new record for account_revenue,  and save it, property is showed in default property view21:22
diegoMbut, when I refresh the view, record dissapears21:22
diegoMany idea?21:23
cedkdiegoM: could you describe exactly what you are doing?21:23
diegoMcedk: I will try to do it :)21:24
diegoMI go to Administration->Models->Default Properties21:25
diegoMI click in Create a new record21:25
cedkdiegoM: you should not create properties there21:26
cedkdiegoM: we setup configuration entries in each menu for that21:26
diegoMcedk: how should I do to create a default value for account_revenue ?21:28
diegoMcedk: I reding this how can I set this default account ?21:34
cedkdiegoM: looks like we miss configuration fro this one21:35
diegoMcedk: can I help you to solve it?21:36
cedkdiegoM: so you have to create it in ir.properties21:37
diegoMcedk: mmm, I don't know how to do that,  can you show me an example?21:39
cedkdiegoM: just create an entry for the account_revenue field21:40
cedkdiegoM: and set the company and the value21:40
diegoMcedk: Should I create that entry in Administration->Models->Properties ?21:43
cedkdiegoM: yeps21:44
cedkdiegoM: I just did it on my demo server, I get no issue21:45
cedkdiegoM: just fill: "Field" with "account_revenue", "Company" and "Value" with the account21:46
diegoMcedk: great, I did it21:46
diegoMcedk: but, I'm traying to process a sale, this sale has a line without a product, and I'm still seeing the 'It misses an "account Revenue" default property!'...21:47
cedkdiegoM: which version?21:48
diegoMcedk: 2.421:48
cedkdiegoM: for the same company?21:49
diegoMcedk: the sale module is in changset 376:73a5ceb9cae821:50
diegoMcedk: Yes, I have only one company, in the installation where I developing21:50
cedkdiegoM: just  tested here on trunk and it works21:54
diegoMcedk: ok thanks I will try it21:55
cedkdiegoM: will try on demo21:56
cedkdiegoM: you can test on demo, it works21:58
cedkdiegoM: so I guess you did something wrong with the property21:59
cedkdiegoM: check the one of demo21:59
cedkACTION bbl21:59
diegoMcedk ok22:02
diegoMcedk: when I create account_revenue in Administration -> models -> properties, it is not showed in default properties22:12
diegoMcedk: in the online demo it is showed...22:13

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