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ctamilhi can anybody help me in steps to adding modules in neso please11:52
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katrI've found a small issue with
katrIn LibreOffice the read-only mode can be set under File -> Properties -> Security.16:44
katr(as of version 3.4.5)16:45
nicoekatr: thank you, I'll fix it17:02
katrnicoe: Thx, great!17:05
scrapperhello folks - there is no chance to create an invoice report with client payment already satisfied, right? Because right now there is paymentterm -amount (even if customer already has payed the billing amount)21:27
scrapperbecause the report does not get updated after the payment is done.21:28
scrapperps.: sure I could remove the payment term information from the *.odt report. But I want a one size fits all solution :-)21:34
scrapperso seems that you guys do not have clients that have already payed the amount before the invoice is created (or you dont care/ or change the invoice report after creation manually.)21:57
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