IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2012-10-03 #tryton log beginning Wed Oct 3 00:00:01 CEST 2012
shomonnI have a problem with connections maxing out. they do so really fast and maybe there are 2 problems.. one is that there aren't many connections :)00:03
shomonnis there a suggested postgres configuration?00:03
shomonnthe other problem might be that something is hanging between server and client, causing a connection to remain open00:04
the_antwhere i can find help for module product_price_list or sale_price_list?07:55
plantianthe_ant: You might want to wait an hour or two because other developers will be getting online from Europe.08:36
plantianthe_ant: What is the specific question ?08:36
plantianthe_ant: Oh after re-reading it, here is one place for help and so is the google group.08:40
the_antplantian: ok, i forget that i'm in the other side of earth with tryton developer. LOL :-D seems i need to join google group either.08:58
-!- the_ant(~asep@ has left #tryton08:59
squathi, is there an howto, howto add an new report to the menu or an form?20:19

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