IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2012-10-09 #tryton log beginning Tue Oct 9 00:00:02 CEST 2012
sampacHi Tryton ! Does anyone know how to control what fields appear under the "filter" button in form views ? I'm having trouble adding one of my model's fields in the list :-/10:05
bechamelsampac: the filter box shows the field available on the list10:05
sampacok that's easy :-) thanks10:06
sampacjust FYI it's weird but my view also shows a field that is not in the list (an integer called django_id if that's any clue)10:08
bechamelsampac: django_id? it looks like an openerp field :)10:10
cedksampac: it is probably in the view but invisible10:18
sampacwell it's not in my xml tree view for this object (not inherited views either), weird although no big deal10:23
cedksampac: if it is really not in the XML, than there is a bug10:25
sampachmm where is the list of filter fields create so I can look what's happening ?10:28
sampaccedk: I know: it's because this field is on "depends"15:54
cedksampac: it should not be in the search box if not in the XML15:56

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