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sisalpwhen I open the invoice, tryton answers "no sequence on the periode"09:05
sisalpI then create the sequences but the message is still shown09:06
sisalpanything I'm missing ?09:06
sisalpwhy do I have to indicate sequences on the periode and on the fiscal year ?09:09
sisalpnow it complains about the sequence of the periode should be different : very strange09:12
sisalpstill stuck on fiscal year sequences09:22
sisalpthere is something I cannot understand here09:23
sisalpand it blocks all the processing of invoices09:23
cedksisalp: what's the problem?09:23
sisalpinvoice sequences must be different on fiscal years09:25
sisalpI cannot find a way to meet that09:25
cedksisalp: on each fiscalyear, create a new sequence09:25
sisalpI have sequences mandatory on both fy and periods09:25
sisalpI did09:25
cedksisalp: that's happen when you create fiscalyear before installing account_invoice09:26
cedksisalp: you just have to set the same sequence for every periods09:26
sisalpit is the case09:26
sisalpthe fy was in the initial demo09:27
sisalppassing through all periods to fill the sequences ...09:29
cedksisalp: we should find a better way to deal with that :-(09:30
sisalpI cannot save from fy form09:31
sisalpinv and credit can be the same ?09:32
cedksisalp: yes09:32
sisalpI added sequences on periods, then the message disapeared "different seq on different years disappeared09:38
sisalpI got a new invoice open09:39
sisalpmy old invoice cannot be recreated because it was issued by sales09:39
sisalpIs there a scheduler to run to get it back ?09:40
sisalpcurrently it is canceled09:40
cedksisalp: don't understand09:41
sisalpin the order the invoice is "exception"09:41
sisalpin the list of invoices it is "canceled"09:42
sisalpwhat is the way back to get it open ?09:42
sisalpit was rejected because of the sequence problem09:42
cedksisalp: on the sale, run process exception09:43
sisalpI see a button "manage the exception"09:43
cedksisalp: yes this button09:43
sisalpexcellent. It works. it is complex but it works09:45
cedksisalp: it is complex because real life is complex ;-)09:48
sisalpsomehow, yes.09:54
sisalpwhich is the simplest module to get available quantities in stock ?09:57
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SISalp1seems stock is enough to check quantities. I get negative values while I did not ship yet, but invoiced. It that expected ?10:04
cedkSISalp1: forcast should10:10
shalabhaggarwalHi, in account.account, what does the `kind` - "stock" refer to? Does it refer to inventory or equity or assets?10:52
cedkshalabhaggarwal: inventory10:53
shalabhaggarwalcedk: thanks, which kind can we map assets to?10:54
cedkshalabhaggarwal: indeed, you must not see kind as a map to balance sheet (it is the type who does)10:56
cedkshalabhaggarwal: kind is a programing tool to easy selecting account on some places like on invoice, product etc.10:56
shalabhaggarwalok, so i should create types, e.g., asset, payable, revenue and use kind as a reference for easy filtering/selecting10:59
cedkshalabhaggarwal: yes11:00
cedkshalabhaggarwal: you can look at others account chart to see how it is done11:01
shalabhaggarwalcedk: I referred, got most things cleared up but had this doubt so came up :)11:02
SISalp1is there a plan for deee tax ?11:02
cedkSISalp1: what is this?11:05
SISalp1and sorecop ?11:06
SISalp1private copy tax11:07
cedkSISalp1: what's the difference with normal taxes?11:08
bechamelcedk: I think it's like "recupel" in belgium11:09
cedkit is included in the unit price?11:10
SISalp1is there a possibility to limit the credit of a customer ?11:16
SISalp1cedk : yes included11:16
SISalp1but to be printed on invoice11:17
SISalp1and deee may depend on supplier11:17
cedkSISalp1: included really? also for cost price, accounting stock etc.?11:18
cedkSISalp1: for credit there is a codereview:
SISalp1how to create a credit note from the initial invoice ?11:41
cedkSISalp1: there is a wizard11:43
SISalp1is there a kind of POS for fast invoicing/ stock decrement in a few clicks ?11:53
cedkSISalp1: there was a GSoC about that but I don't know the status11:59
cedkSISalp1: otherwise, you could use the Openbravo POS12:00
SISalp1what about a simple module for all process in one form ?12:05
cedkSISalp1: possible but for me POS should look like specialized interface12:06
SISalp1gtk would be ok in my case12:06
cedkSISalp1: I don't mean it should not be GTK but I think the current client is too generic12:08
SISalp1in this case the current client is ok12:17
SISalp1but we can invoice in 5 or 6 cliks but not decrement the stock fast enough12:18
cedkSISalp1: yes you need a custom Form12:21
shomonhi, I would like to install tryton for accounting, and another tryton for gnuhealth... on the same production machine.12:35
shomonI already have tryton for accounting, but I've been asked to use the same machine for gnuhealth.12:35
shomonis the best way to get 2 trytons to cohabit via virtualenv, or just by downloading a separate trytond and it's own modules directories?12:35
udonoshomon: hi, I use a lot of trytons seperated by virtualenv on one machine.13:07
shomoncool thanks udono13:10
shomonso you just pip install the lot in each virtualenv.. and then how do you set them up as services?13:10
shomonor to make sure they are always running...13:10
udonoshomon: I use supervisor as service manager13:12
shomonis that for win?13:12
udonoshomon: and yes, I use no site packages.13:12
katrcedk: Hi!14:28
katrcedk: I would really appreciate your feedback on
cedkkatr: no time so close to release date14:30
cedkkatr: but I'm not the only one to review14:30
katrcedk: OK14:30
katrcedk: Will check back after the release.14:31
adeb6600whats the fastest way to build tryton neso16:22
SISalpadeb6600: get it from the packages16:29
adeb6600how do you build tryton neso from source?16:35
SISalpadeb6600: you don't need to16:36
adeb6600SISalp: why ?16:36
SISalpadeb6600: because it is not compiled nor linked16:37
SISalpMy tryton server is very long to answer when I type a wrong password at connection. Is that normal ?16:38
adeb6600SISalp : how is neso created or how do i assemble neso16:38
cedkSISalp: it is DDos protection16:38
SISalpadeb6600: I don't what you want to do. Is it just to execute it or to build a package for a particular os ?16:50
SISalpcedk: thank you16:50
SISalpcedk: initialisation of a new database is quite long.16:51
cedkSISalp: generally it is loading country and currency17:00
adeb6600SISalp :i want to build the whole package (neso) for windows inclusive of the modules17:18
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