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sparks777pls anybody know simple man how to install tryton db on mysql?21:11
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mdnsshi people22:11
mdnssI'm having an error message "could not connect to server"22:12
mdnssboth postgresql and tryton servers are running22:12
mdnssany idea of what could be?22:12
cedkmdnss: did you try to run trytond in verbose mode?22:15
mdnssno cedk, I don't know how to do that22:16
rmumdnss: this error message, is it from the server or from the client?22:16
mdnssfrom the client rmu22:17
rmuyou are sure the address in the client is the correct one, and the server is actually listening on that address?22:17
mdnssI only have the demo profile, so I try to add another, with localhost but I only get that message22:17
mdnssthe address in the client would be localhost, and the server is listening on that address rmu22:18
rmuclient and server are the same version?22:18
mdnssboth are 2.422:19
rmuso the server should listen on port 8000 IIRC22:20
rmuare you on linux?22:20
mdnssyes, I tried netstat with some other parameters, and it is listening on that port22:21
mdnssubuntu 12.0422:21
rmucan you try "nc localhost 8000" ?22:21
rmuor "telnet localhost 8000"22:22
mdnsswith telnet I get this:22:23
mdnssConnected to localhost.22:23
rmutype something like "get /" enter22:24
mdnssorder not found22:24
mdnssbut there're 16 similar22:24
rmudon't understand - you should get http error code 400 or something like that22:26
rmuperhaps some other thing is listening on port 8000, thus blocking it for the tryton server?22:27
mdnssnop, nothing else22:28
rmuwhat did you mean with "order not found"22:31
rmucan you put the output of "echo get / HTTP/1.0 | nc localhost 8000" into a pastebin?22:31
mdnsshere you are rmu:
rmuseems to be ok22:39
rmuhow do you start the server?22:41
rmuyou can start it in verbose-mode if you add "--verbose" to the command line arguments22:41
mdnssI start it writing trytond22:42
rmuok, so write trytond --verbose instead22:42
mdnssnothing changed22:44
mdnsssame error message rmu22:44
Pilouyou could try to use tcpdump on the server and the client (something like "tcpdump -ni any port 8000")22:44
rmuyou start the client with typing tryton in another window i suppose?22:45
rmuwhat happens if you use tryton -s localhost -p 8000 ?22:45
mdnssthat's right rmu, one terminal for the server, another terminal for the client22:46
rmueven better would be22:47
rmutryton -v -s localhost -p 800022:47
mdnssrmu, with "tryton -s localhost -p 8000" I get the same result, the client starts22:47
mdnsslet me try the other option22:47
mdnssrmu, same thing, I see the client, with the demo server to choose, as the only option22:48
rmuyes thats ok22:48
rmuso, now you should perhaps create a database22:49
mdnssPilou, the output is tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode22:49
mdnsslistening on any, link-type LINUX_SLL (Linux cooked), capture size 65535 bytes22:49
mdnssyes, but the problem rmu is that I can't create one, it asks me for the tryton server password and I never set any password22:50
rmumdnss: i think tcpdump will not really help. click "cancel", go to "file" menu, submenu database, and there create new database22:50
mdnssI can only create dbs with psql22:50
rmuleave it empty22:50
rmuor use "admin"22:50
rmuhave a look in trytond.conf, there you can specify this tryton server password22:52
rmuseems to be "admin" per default22:52
mdnssif I leave it empty the "ok" button never gets enable, with admin I get this message:
rmuseems trytond can not talk to postgresql22:54
rmuwhat files do you have in /var/run/postgresql ?22:54
rmu(ls -a /var/run/postgresql)22:54
mdnsslet me see...22:55
rmudoes "psql template1" do something?22:57
mdnsspsql (9.1.6)22:58
mdnssType "help" for help.22:58
rmuok you get out with \q22:58
mdnssI knew that! :P22:59
rmuso why don't you have those postgres fifo files in /var/run/postgres?22:59
rmuthere should be a file names .s.PGSQL.5432 and .s.PGSQL.5432.lock there23:00
mdnssno idea23:00
rmuis this the default ubuntu postgres config?23:01
mdnssyes, I didn't change anything23:01
rmucan you check the postgresql.conf file in /etc/postgresql/9.1/main23:03
mdnsswhat would you like me to check in postgresql.conf file?23:04
rmuif there is a line like unix_socket_directory = '/var/run/postgresql' in there?23:04
rmuand if there is a line starting with "port ="23:04
mdnssI have data_directory23:05
mdnsswhich is set to /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main23:05
rmuwhat about unix_socket_directory23:05
mdnssoh, sorry, found it23:05
mdnssset to '/var/run/postgresql'23:06
rmuok thats it23:06
rmuperhaps you installed some other postgres-version23:06
rmuubuntu manages that in a peculiar way23:06
rmuyou can read about it with man pg_wrapper if you have some spare time23:07
rmuto get you tryton going: edit the trytond.conf file, replace the port number 5432 with 5433, and it should work23:07
mdnssoh my god, I gotq23:08
mdnsssorry, I pressed enter so soon :P23:08
mdnssI don't see 5432 port in trytond.conf23:12
mdnssgrep 5432 trytond.conf returns empty23:14
rmuok, db_port23:14
rmuperhaps it is commented23:14
mdnssyes, and set to false23:14
rmuput "db_port = 5433" there23:14
rmuthe postgres-lib will use this "port" to locate the unix socket file of the postgres server23:15
rmuper default, it assumes port number 543223:15
mdnsswell, let's try now...23:15
mdnsssame error when trying to create the db23:17
mdnssCan't create the database, caused by an unknown reason.23:17
mdnssIf there is a database created, it could be broken. Maybe drop this database! Please check the error message for possible informations.23:17
mdnssError message:23:17
mdnsscould not connect to server: No such file or directory23:17
mdnssIs the server running locally and accepting23:17
mdnssconnections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?23:17
rmurestart the server23:17
mdnsstryton or postgres?23:18
rmu(trytond config file changed --> trytond server needs to be restarted)23:18
mdnsssame error23:19
rmuthen your trytond is not looking for the trytond.conf in this place23:20
rmuadd -c /path/to/trytond.conf to the trytond command line23:20
rmuif this doesn't work then i'm out of wit23:21
mdnsssorry rmu but I'm too amateur on this23:22
mdnssjust type -c /path/to/trytond.conf?23:22
mdnssor how?23:22
rmuwhere is your trytond installed?23:23
rmubetter question: how did you install it? ubuntu packages?23:23
mdnssnoup, I installed it with the .tar.gz23:24
mdnssusing the setup.py23:24
rmuwhere does your trytond.conf live (the one you just edited)?23:24
mdnssI have it inside a folder called tryton in my personal folder23:24
rmuin the window where you start trytond23:25
mdnssinside there I have the trytond.conf file23:26
rmustart trytond with "trytond -c path_to_folder/tryton/trytond-2.4.2/etc/trytond.conf -v"23:26

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