IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2012-11-05 #tryton log beginning Mon Nov 5 00:00:01 CET 2012
InfestedNexusIf i'm trying to set up GNU Health on a single Windows box - do I want Client 2.6 or Neso 2.6?13:40
cedkInfestedNexus: you should ask on #gnuhealth13:42
InfestedNexusLet me rephrase that question: What exactly is Neso vs Tryton13:44
InfestedNexusI read that it is a 'standalone server/client version'13:44
InfestedNexusDo I take from this that it has all functionality of Client 2.6 + additional server capabilities13:44
InfestedNexusAnd 'Tryton' modules should operate fine within a 'Neso' installation?13:45
cedkInfestedNexus: neso is all in one packages13:46
cedkInfestedNexus: the purpose is for testing/demo13:46

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