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ivangarciahello, I realized that Tryton 2.6 still doesn't have Fields.Email type11:44
ivangarciaany plans to add that validation or parameter in the future versions?11:44
cedkivangarcia: correct email validation is quite complicate11:47
rmuall e-mail clients i know of (thunderbird, mutt, gmail) let you type essentially free-form text in the recipient-fields, no verification whatsoever before sending the email IIRC12:00
cedkrmu: yes and not everybody conforms to the RFC12:06
cedkI think the good way is to implement the domain validation on non-relational field12:07
rmui have a question regarding reports... i have two types of paper: the usual white A4, and pre-prints with the company logo12:09
rmusome reports should be print on the paper with company logo, some other on plain paper, and include the company-logo in the printout12:09
rmusome reports also are sent per email as PDF, and also have to include the logo12:09
rmufor obvious reasons, i don't want to duplicate all reports into a non-logo and a logo-version12:10
rmuare there any ideas how one could deal with this situation?12:11
cedkrmu: why not duplicate, it is the purpose of template: showing similar content in different layout12:12
rmui feared that duplicating is the only non-smelly option... but duplication sucks from maintainance POV. and i would need to further amend the template mechanism and dig again into ODF spec12:16
rmuwould it be possible to add a plugin to the client that would communicate a boolean flag in the call to retrieve a report?12:17
rmumy preferred solution would be to use "pdftk background" to add the pdf-template of the company logo... including proper company logo directly in open office has "issues".12:20
cedkrmu: you can use a wizard to launch the report and setup a context, I think12:34
udonormu: Hi, you can put information in frames and unselect the frame property for printing.13:56
rmuudono: don't understand15:19
rmui'm generating PDFs on the serverside15:19
rmumy idea is: add a field to to identify which reports should be treated with pdftk, and patch the client to show those reports two times. which is sent to the client will be controlled via context.15:23
udonormu: you can use a frame and include the logo. Uncheck the frame attribute for printing in soffice.15:27
udonormu: then the logo will be shown in the pdf, but not printed15:27
sisalpcedk: what will bring workflow on stock move ?15:40
sisalpczdk: anything to read for learning ?15:41
cedksisalp: simpler, faster and more maintainable code15:44
sisalpcedk: thank you16:11
rmuudono: IIRC that does not work for header/footer, and i still have the problem that sometimes i also want to print the logo...16:24
rmuudono: delivery-note that is sent to customer is printed on company-paper, the copy for the records is printed on plain paper. more or less the same happens with customer-invoices16:26

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