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acu_hello, I would like to try Tryton, is there a web interface to any demo server ? I went to but there seem not to have a web interface or linux client -  I would appreciate any suggestion and help18:55
nicoeacu_: you have a linux client packaged for a lot of distribution, which one are you using ?18:56
nicoeacu_: BTW, we will start working on a web client next week, thanks to community funding.18:57
acu_are you still here19:17
acu_I run Debian Wheezy 7.0 (is beta - almost to be released soon)19:18
nicoeacu_: I'm running Debian SID19:42
nicoethe package is tryton-client (version 2.2.3)19:43
nicoeIIRC there are backports on http://debian.tryton.org19:43
nicoeBut I usualy run from source ;)19:45
acu_nicoe - I am out of sync with you20:32
acu_are you still here ?20:32
acu_let me come back - I enabled the time stamp on chat to know :)20:32
ronaldacu_ you can install the client using pip20:49
acu_ronald  I just installed the debian packaged for wheezy - it seem it could go only to the 2.2 version of tryton20:50
ronaldacu_ which version of Trytond are u running? 2.4? or 2.6?20:51
ronaldacu_ if you are runining or need to test 2.6 version, you need the 2.6 client20:52
acu_ronald, I am in process of searching for some python based ERP, I installed and configure ADEMPIERE (jboss etc) very nice but I wanted some Python Based - I found OpenERP, and looked around for tryton - on paper tryton seem preety cool, however I did not see the full set of modules for tryton - OpenERP demo is preety impressive20:53
acu_It seem to me that Tryton seem to forked out much to much from openERP to make use of those 1800 modules available for OpenERP, am I right ?20:54
ronaldacu_ Tryton demo server information is available here:
acu_I need human resources, financial accounting, manufacturing for US based (tryton seem to have something for belgium only20:54
acu_does it have PointOfSale module ?20:55
acu_but about ECommerce ?20:55
nicoeacu_: tryton has been forked 4 years ago20:58
nicoeacu_: So indeed openerp modules are incompatible with tryton now20:58
ronaldacu_ you can have a look at the available modules here:
nicoeacu_: The focus of tryton is on being a tool box for people to build their own ERP while still using sensible defaults if you want to use it out of the box20:59
nicoeacu_: so for example, the manufacturing module is in no way linked to Belgium (or any other country)21:00
nicoeacu_: You also have to know that you can only connect from a Tryton client X.Y on a Tryton server X.Y (we decided to enforce this restriction so that there is less compatibility problems)21:01
acu_nicoe, I just downloaded the 2.6 client - I am already navigating to it - the Debian Wheezy had the 2.2 version, and it was obvious immediately that I could not connect to the later Tryton21:04
nicoeacu_: good21:04
acu_nicoe I am browsing now the modules, quite a lot - notice and account then account for france, belgium and germany - no USA21:06
acu_I read that article during the fork -about OpenERP and Tryton - agree with phylosophy and I wonder how many "production" installation are running around with Tryton21:08
nicoeacu_: Yes there is no chart of account for the USA right now21:14
nicoeacu_: but there might be one pretty soon …21:15
nicoeFor the number of production installation, it's difficult to know exactly21:15
acu_I wonder of the chart of accounts are similar to those on Adempiere21:16
acu_it is an XLS or csv type file21:16
nicoeacu_: in our case it's an XML file defining a chart of account template21:17
acu_I see21:17
acu_the fact that there is no US chart of accounts may tell that there is no US implementation of Tryton - wonder how GNU HEalth runs in US based locations without it - since I understand that GNUhealth is built on top of tryton21:19
acu_Oh, I see some of you guys are in both camps :)21:19
acu_Nicoe and ronald :)21:19
nicoeI don't know how gnuhealth handles that21:20
ronaldacu_ please try the generic (minimal) chart of accounts21:21
ronaldacu_ I am sure you can customise the chart of accounts or even come up with your own chart of accounts21:22
acu_is there POS in tryton ?21:25
acu_Ecomerce, Point of Sale and Manufacturing ?21:29
nicoeacu_: POS: there was a GSOC about that in 201121:31
nicoeacu_: E-Commerce some people have used nereid to build one21:32
nicoeacu_: Manufacturing: appart from the official module, I am not aware of any other solution21:33

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