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shalabhaggarwalhi, is there a way to add an order by criteria to list view via action window?07:31
cedkshould we buy "" ? ;-)12:03
rmuis this counter really counting? or will it say released in 15 days" for the next 2 months?12:32
shalabhaggarwalcedk: hi, is there a way to add an order by criteria to list view via action window?12:35
cedkrmu: only god knows ;-)12:36
cedkshalabhaggarwal: no, it uses the default by default12:36
cedkshalabhaggarwal: but I think it could be a good new featureā€¦12:37
shalabhaggarwalcedk: +112:37
shalabhaggarwalcedk: i will log a feature request for the same12:40
riotis tryton useable for german accounting? does it come with an up to date skr03?14:15
pokoliriot: there is some module here
pokoliriot: but I'm not from germany an i can not ensure you its updated14:21
cedkriot: we need someone with the knowledge to take care of it14:51
riotuhh. i need a working accounting system to go production - with import from datev's exports, if possible15:48
cedkriot: don't know what you are talking about, but the best is that you try it to see15:55
rmuriot: there is a german irc channel and IIRC somebody is doing accounting in germany with tryton15:57
rmubut it seems there are some problems like new account templates every year that are not supported optimally15:58
cedkriot: is there some much changes from year to year16:06
cedksomeone suggested to IFRS accounts and just make a matching for each years16:06
riotcedk: yes, afaik changes are common and need to be watched carefully.. this is _german_ bureaucracy.. it aims to be flawless, always17:27
cedkriot: but it seems they are no standard in germany17:30
cedkriot: so you can do what you want as far as it is correct17:31
guillemBarbaI found the solution. you must to upgrade a module to update the module list :-/20:02

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