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iamnoobhi good day again.. question here.  i got a field name (fields.Many2One). now when im encoding a value to it via "search record" when i select from record.. it seems its giving me the index number. how can "search record" give me the field value.. and not the index number? sorry for my bad english.. im trying my best to express my problem.11:17
iamnoobi live here in the philippines.. and im checking the IRC logs.. so its ok if you guys replied late.. thanks again..11:18
cedkiamnoob: it is probably because you did not define a correct _rec_name12:02
feenux2How does one go about adding product variants?18:28
cedkfeenux2: what do you mean?18:32
feenux2cedk: I want to create a master product, a shirt, and have children based on size and color.18:34
cedkfeenux2: the Models are there but there is no module that implement the views18:36
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feenux2cedk: Ok, that is what is likely confusing me. A shirt would be a Template and a child would be a Product then correct? Can a product have its own pricing?18:40
cedkfeenux2: correct18:41
cedkfeenux2: it can if you redefine the price on the Product Model18:41
feenux2cedk: Great. I'm looking into replacing my current employer's ERP system, and Tryton's code base has appeared to be the most manageable so far compared to some of the others I've looked at.18:43
rmufeenux2: there are some product_variant modules on bitbucket18:44
rmufeenux2: forked from a common ancestor, but not really completely complete ;-)18:45
feenux2rmu: Thanks. I'll take a look at those.18:46

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