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cedkplantian: seems to work00:21
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AndChat|119664hi,  jsut tried to set up a tryton 2.2 server on debian 6 with ssl.  i followed the wiki article and used the snakeoil certs.  but when i try to start trytond it stops with an openssl error14:02
AndChat|119664w/o ssl everything works fine14:04
AndChat|119664did i miss something?14:04
cedkAndChat|119664: check the known_hosts file14:07
AndChat|119664is the normal user/. ssh one used?14:16
cedkAndChat|119664: no, in the tryton config14:17
AndChat|119664okay, ssl is working now. but when i try to restore db i get "authentifcation for root failed" despite db user is configured.15:49
AndChat|119664am i running the server withe the woeng privileges?15:50
cedkAndChat|119664: db user is probably wrongly configured15:56
AndChat|119664its set to tryton,  i follwed the debian readme15:57
AndChat|119664k,  found it15:59
AndChat|119664like you said,  typo in db_user17:07
AndChat|119664but i also have a more general question17:08
AndChat|119664what the supposes way to install tryton 2.6 on a debian System17:08
AndChat|119664via pip or mercurial17:09
yangoonAndChat|119664: you can get it from experimental18:39
piloubut it's 2.6.0 instead of 2.6.218:41
AndChat|119664tried the experimental repo,  it fails for unresolved dependencies (Python 2.6.7)21:39
albertcacedk: you there?22:54
cedkalbertca: yes22:54
albertcacedk: I wanted to finish the validate patch and still have one question regarding this:
albertcacedk: do I have to move the cls(id_new) inside 'with'?22:55
cedkalbertca: do nothing22:58
albertcacedk: I leave it as it is in the patch?22:59
cedkalbertca: keep the existing behavior22:59
albertcacedk: "existing" means what is now in the repository or what it is in my patch? :)22:59
cedkalbertca: in the repo23:01
albertcacedk: ok, thanks23:01

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