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eriamyes, I got it working !14:24
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plantianhey guys, does anyone have any thoughts on why calling an action keyword that starts a wizard would run the wizard and then afterwards produce this error: ?21:01
plantianThe wizard does not reference purchase.purchase models at all.21:02
plantianHere is my wizard --
cedkplantian: you are running the wizard: HandleShipmentException21:44
plantiancedk: What is running it?  When I call pack/done on the shipments?21:47
plantianI click on a single sale, then I click the Action button and select "Close Sale" (a keyword connected to my wizard), then my wizard appears to run (based on server side logging) but then this exception happens.21:49
plantianI guess it is because I use StateAction instead of StateTransition.22:00
plantianHa, sometimes I wish debugging was a little bit easier.22:00
plantianIt isn't clear why the action would start the handle shipment exception though but it doesn't happen anymore when using the transition.22:03
cedkplantian: StateAction is to run an action so if you put the id of this wizard, it is normal it runs22:10
plantiancedk: I guess I don't understand, at worst it would have just run the same wizard twice.  Why would it run another unrelated wizard?22:13
cedkplantian: it depends of the id you give to StateAction22:16
plantiancedk: I'm not sure if we are mis-understanding each other, here is clearer example -- runs fine, but produces this error:
cedkplantian: this 'sale_wizard.close_sale_keyword' should have the same id as the wizard action of purchase22:21
cedkplantian: you must put the id of an action22:21
cedkplantian: yes you are using the keyword and not the action22:22
plantiancedk: I understand I made a mistake but why does it call the purchase wizard?22:22
cedkplantian: because it has the same id as your keyword22:22
plantiancedk: I don't want to call an action, as far as I can tell the keyword in the xml will call the wizard right?22:23
cedkplantian: don't understand22:23
cedkplantian: why are you using a StateAction?22:24
plantiancedk: I thought I needed it, but it seems that I do not.  I want the user to run the wizard by clicking on it in the keyword menu for a sale.22:25
plantiancedk: But it seems that I don't need it and the behaviour when using StateAction is very unexpected.  It is okay though.  No real reason to look further into it.22:26

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