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navishi all, I'm currently experimenting with proteus to configure and populate a database14:34
navisfirst question: I managed to install modules through proteus, but how do we do all the wizard steps after installation ?14:35
cedknavis: better to do what you need yourself14:36
navisI looked at the code and can reproduce those steps with proteus, but then the wizard still fires when I connect14:37
cedknavis: you can mark them as done (ir.module.module.config_wizard.item)14:38
navisis it possible to mark those steps as done ?14:38
naviscedk: ok thanks14:38
navisnext question: in the code of the company module, I see users =[('main_company', '=', None),])14:40
navisbut when I do this in proteus, I get search() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)14:40
cedknavis: use find in proteus14:46
naviscedk: thanks15:00
oscar_alvI need help with this line17:12
oscar_alvproteus problem17:12
oscar_alv1. from proteus import config17:12
oscar_alv2. config.set_xmlrpc('http://admin:mypassword@localhost:8000/MYDATABASE')17:13
oscar_alvThis show error   <ProtocolError for admin:aa@localhost:8000/FABRICATO: 500 Internal Server Error>17:13
cedkoscar_alv: most of the time, it is because you return an object that is not serializable17:18
oscar_alvCedk, yes but what is wrong in line 217:29
cedkoscar_alv: it is probably in the code of the server17:32
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plantianIs it possible to speed up creating a hierarchy locations?  I think the problem has to do with the left/right hierarchy maintenance.18:57
plantian*hierarchy of18:57
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plantianyangoon: That looks like exactly what I need.  Do you think that can be ported to 2.6?23:03
plantianI think it takes around 2 hours for me to create the locations now.23:04

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