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cedkplantian: why don't you just run my script?01:02
plantiancedk: Should the second ir_action_wizard actually be ir_action_url?01:13
iamnoobgood day, if i got a many2many field, and it got many records in it. how can i show it in report? i mean how can i sort all the data? im referring to the one on the .odt file04:10
iamnoobi first tried putting this ie.   <*some name*.*many2many field*> and it gives me ie. *name*.name*,1 *name*.name*,2 *name*.name*,304:12
iamnoobnvrmind my question. i found a way to get it :)04:59
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iamnoobhi, anyone have an idea how i can sum up a 'quantity' field of a many2many field?08:09
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jonancedk: Average cost now working. Thanks.13:24
cedkjonan: welcome, it is faster when we have a scenario to test13:28
jonanIn many dialogs that have a product entry field you can hit Tab to initiate a search. The search results provide extra details like qty, forecast qty, price, etc. However most of the time these fields show 0. I only get non-zero results within the Purchase module. What is the intended behaviour ?13:35
cedkjonan: get information for what you are doing13:40
jonanWhen adding lines to invoice for example. No qty on product search.13:44
jonanWhen adding to purchase does show quantity. So is this configurable or just missing for certain modules ?13:45
cedkjonan: when filling an invoice we don't know the warehouse13:46
jonanOk I see guess I could add a default. For shipments though you do know warehouse so might be good idea to fill data on that search.13:54
cedkjonan: normally, you don't set product from shipments13:55
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plantianIs there typically a time line for back porting changes from trunk to prior major releases for modules and trytond?  This seems to be fixed in trunk but not in the 2.6 version of the module:
cedkplantian: will not be backported19:49
plantiancedk: What is the expected course of action?  Is it expected that back-port should be done manually and then removed during the next deployment of a trytond installation?19:54
cedkplantian: don'T understand19:55
plantiancedk: What should be done to credit invoices until 2.8 is released?19:56
cedkplantian: just credit19:57
cedkplantian: the changest you point doesn't fix anything19:57
plantiancedk: Shouldn't be [] ? -- res['taxes'].append(('add',
cedkplantian: no19:58
plantiancedk: Okay, I will look more closely at my error, thanks.19:59
cedkplantian: oops yes, it should19:59
cedkplantian: should fill a bug20:00
cedkplantian: ok, I will backport it now20:26
cedkplantian: the problem was that the comment was not clear that it was a fix or it was a fix without knowing it was one20:28
plantiancedk: Right, its not clear if it was known that it was a bug when it was changed.20:28
cedkplantian: I think it was though as an optimisation20:29
cedkplantian: indeed, it was what I though at first sight today20:30
plantianI have a sale that is canceled but has an open invoice, should I credit that invoice?21:12
cedkplantian: why not22:32

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