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samjackIs tryton neso suitable for production in a SME for 1 workplace?13:50
samjack(sorry my english please)13:50
katrsamjack: That depends on your requirements.14:08
samjackkart: we have to make 10 invoices per month, and make over 100 pruchase14:12
samjackkart: and do all the accounting14:12
katrsamjack: You can do all that with Tryton.14:13
samjackkatr: ok, but with Neso?14:14
katrsamjack: You need an account chart for your country.14:14
katrsamjack: I never used Neso, but AFAIK Neso is just a bundle of Tryton with all it's dependency with a nice installer.14:15
samjackok, i will try with that14:16
samjackkatr: thank you14:16
katrsamjack: You're welcome.14:16
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coepsHi folks, I am trying to understand Tryton a little better and I am focusing on the active record pattern. I've got the following question regarding on_change: Is it correct that all fields I pass in the fielddefiniton on_change=[a,b,...,z,] are available as self.a, self.b....self.z in the on_change_field method?21:17
plantiancoeps: yes, that is correct21:49
coepsplantian: thanks for confirmation21:56
basmanhow to make the payment term to be shown on the printed invoice ?22:24

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