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basmanI got a bug while I'm paying an invoice partially and I found the issue in bug tracker by the help of Mr C├ędric Krier. Here is the issue: but I don't know how to apply the patch. Could any body tell me how ?11:27
basmanHow I could apply a patch ?11:46
basmanHow to patch a file13:04
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shomonhow do I link nagios to tryton?14:55
shomonI want to check it's up and running...14:55
cedkbasman: no need to apply, it is already on trunk and 2.615:54
basmancedk: but I still get the error message when I try to pay an invoice partially, what should I do then ?15:56
cedkbasman: what version are you running ?15:56
basman2.6 , I've installed it using pip about a week ago15:57
cedkbasman: 2.6 is not a version number15:58
basmancedk: , what recent version pip will install?, that should be my version15:59
cedkbasman: check the files !!!!16:00
basmancedk: I don't have access to the server I've installed tryton on right now16:00
cedkbasman: I can not answer base on assumption16:00
shomonhi, any idea how I can monitor tryton?16:00
shomonwith nagios.. or is there a url to check that it's up?16:00
cedkbasman: come later when you will have16:00
basmancedk: I will check the version number and get back to u later, thx brother.16:01
cedkshomon: trytond answer to json-rpc16:02
shomonhmm, so I can't just point nagios at a url?16:04
shomonwell on an 8000 port16:04
cedkshomon: don't know nagios16:05
cedkshomon: any way, such stuff must be tested16:05
shomonsorry what stuff?16:06
cedkshomon: nagios configuration16:06
shomonnagios in it's simplest form just periodically checks a url and if the response matches what it likes.. it's fine16:06
shomonif I connected via json, would it connect to server.pyc?16:07
cedkshomon: don't understand the question16:07
shomonwhen you connect via tryton to a trytond service running on, what does it actually connect to?16:09
cedkshomon: still don't understand: it connects to host: on port 800016:13
shomonwell in json, you connect for example to "http://admin:admin@localhost:8000"16:14
shomonbut I'm trying to find out what it acutally connects to within json16:14
shomonbut yeah I guess that's a nagios question re any json16:14
basmanHow I could change the date format for invoice or any other kind of report?16:23
basmanI want to change the date format from month/day/year to day/month/year16:27
shomonnot sure, sorry16:28
basmancedk: do you have an answer for my question ?16:31
albertcaAnyone knows if static functions are inheritable or only class and instance ones?16:59
albertcaI think I have my answer: usually should be possible to override them with @classmethod17:01
albertcaso I suppose, this is the correct way of managing them17:01
cedkbasman: date format is defined on the language17:05
cedkalbertca: yes staticmethod are just classmethod without the class as first argument17:06
mbufI have tryton-2.2.5-1 installed on F17 and need some help trying to connect to trytond and the postgres database. I am lost as to which username, password in the Tryton client corresponds to trytond or the database17:06
albertcacedk: thanks17:07
mbufI have been able to create the database from tryton client though; just connecting tells me "Connection error! Bad username or password!"17:07
cedkmbuf: to login, you must use the admin user and the password you give to create the database17:17
mbufcedk: sorry, which login are you referring to, and it corresponds to tryton or the database?17:25
basmancedk: I use English version, is there a way that I could change the date format then?17:27
cedkbasman: adapt the language17:28
cedkmbuf: tryton17:28
basmancedk: I didn't understnd, sorry, how ?17:29
mbufcedk: when we open tryton client, there is a form to input Host, Database, User name, Password. The user name and password refer to tryton or the database?17:30
cedkbasman: administration>localization>languages17:30
cedkmbuf: tryton17:30
mbufcedk: in managing profile section, the Username refers to that of tryton or postgresql?17:31
cedkmbuf: how much time should I answer tryton ?17:33
mbufcedk: the context to which the answer was not clear17:34
mbufI still get connection error Bad username or password17:35
basmancedk: For example, I'm using English, so, should I make it right to left instead of left to right in order to change the date format?17:35
cedkbasman: how do you read english? r2l or l2r ?17:36
basmanl2r :D17:36
mbuf INFO:dispatcher:bad login or password 'admin' from using JSON-RPC on database 'gnuhealth'17:36
mbufis there any other way I can test authentication to the trytond server?17:37
cedkmbuf: no, it is the password you give, if you forget it, restart the database creation process17:37
mbufcedk: I have tried it few times; the database is getting created correctly from "managing profile", but, when I try to login from the tryton client, I get this message17:38
basmancedk: brother, I just want to change the date format, please tell me directly all the steps to do that.17:39
cedkbasman: edit the language17:39
basmancedk: I want to keep using english, I just want to change the date format, there are options to change the language, the direction and the code, however, no other options, what I should change to get a different date format?17:43
cedkbasman: open your eyes17:44
rmubasman: there should be "Date Formatting" and "Number Formatting", too17:46
mbufcedk: any thoughts?17:47
basmancedk: I think because I'm using the demo online DB, there is no Date Formatting or number formatting options, is that right ?17:48
mbufcedk: is there a trytond.conf file that I can use for reference?17:50
cedkmbuf: in the source17:50
cedkbasman: no17:50
basmancedk: Administratin> Localization > Languages - I didn't find any Date Formatting or number formatting options.17:52
mbufcedk: I meant that in already being used, with the mandatory options17:53
rmubasman: switch view to form view17:54
mbufcedk: I am looking for a tutorial from start to finish on setting up trytond server, its configuration, and connecting from client17:56
basmanrmu: how ?17:58
rmubasman: click the "switch view" icon17:59
rmuor double-click on the line17:59
rmu(i assume you are in administration>localization>languages)18:00
basmanrmu: super thanks, got it :), thanks cedk18:00
rmumbuf: and
mbufrmu: the instructions are pretty old for Fedora18:05
mbufrmu: success!18:06
mbufcedk: the username was for tryton, but the password was for the database in the tryton main login screen18:07
basmanrmu: the date format didn't change on the invoice report, it changed just in invoices module19:53
basmanI still get the old format when generating invoice report19:53
rmubasman: are you sure the invoice report is regenerated? invoices are special20:06

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