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cedkflo0: address has already 2 fields for street00:45
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flo0cedk: Yes, I know, I decided to build my own address 'module' instead of modifying the existing one. That's not difficult and a good exercise for the start. And you are right, the existing address is using two Char fields.08:19
_snowy_Hello all. I would like to know if Tryton is planning to participate in GSoC 2013 as a mentoring organisation.08:33
ronaldm_snowy_: see!searchin/tryton/gsoc/tryton/YqxpbEZn5ZI/SWif0-PyQZUJ08:45
_snowy_I see. So does it mean I should wait till March 18 to know if Tryton is really participating or not?08:48
ronaldm_snowy_ it looks like Tryton is not participating this year09:07
ronaldm_snowy_ I am digging for an email where someone has shown interest as well09:07
ralf58Hi all, I have some problems in GUI-programming and data validation. Is there a recommended validation pattern?- In the "on_change_FIELD"-Method I can change data OR raise an error/warning, but not both of them!? - The pre_validate-Method is only called by "write", but not by "create".  Is there no common method for data-validation?10:00
cedkralf58: your statement is false for pre-validation10:02
cedkralf58: you should not raise error on on_change calls10:02
ralf58cedk: yes, but what is the correct place to raise errors/warnings during dialog?10:04
cedkralf58: or the pre-validate10:05
cedkralf58: or
cedkralf58: pre-validate will be called earlier but it has some limitation10:07
ralf58cedk: Seems that _constraints are what I looked for! I'll try. pre-validate is only called in write-operations, but not in create-operations. Then you have to code it twice.(?)10:08
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cedkralf58: that's false, pre_validate is called on write and create because it is part of the _constraint10:31
pobstetaWould it not be desirable to have a Tryton stand at  RMLL ?12:52
cedkpobsteta: I was thinking about submitting a talk12:52
sisalpcedk: I plan to attend RMLL if there is something we can do for Tryton14:44
cedksisalp: I don't know how RMLL works14:48
cedksisalp: I just saw they are looking for talks about business software and freesoftware14:48
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plantianIs the --profile argument to trytond just for profiling the startup of the server?21:26
cedkplantian: normally no, but I think it is a not tested feature and most of the time useless21:29
plantiancedk: Okay, is there a good way to profile running an action keyword in the client?  Does it make sense to profile the client or profile the server?21:30
cedkplantian: when I find something slow, I just look at the SQL queries21:31
plantiancedk: By inserting print statements? Or it is accessible very tuning the logging filters?21:31
plantian*by tuning21:32
cedkplantian: I print the queries in backend/*/ execute21:34
cedkplantian: but you can tune the SQL server to do that…21:34
plantianwell printing from there is a start, thanks, I will try it21:36
plantianthere are a lot of queries21:37
plantiancedk: Does every possible query go through execute() ?22:26
plantianIs 23 seconds about how long this should take? -- I'm trying to figure this out, it seems to take 23 seconds (although in the client it seems to take 30) to pay the invoice and ship the shipment on a sale in the processing state (this wizard performs that):
cedkplantian: so it is openning the invoices that took times23:37
plantiancedk: Well it took 1/3 of the time.  It seems that 3702 queries are run in a total of 1.7383215427398558 seconds, so it doesn't seem like the problem is the database.  I'm not sure if all the db computation is at the execute method though.23:38
cedkplantian: there was some improvement in trunk: account changeset 5b61530991e123:39
cedkplantian: + the create multi values23:40
plantianI guess it seems weird to me because the sale has 3 lines and it is around the 10th sale in the database.23:43
cedkplantian: I'm pretty sure it is changeset 5b61530991e123:49
plantiancedk: Do you think that changeset will work in 2.6?23:51
cedkplantian: it should23:51
plantiancedk: What about the shipment taking 10 seconds?23:51
cedkplantian: have you account_stock* modules ?23:53
plantiancedk: no23:55
cedkplantian: indeed I don't understand what you try to achieve23:58
cedkplantian: if you don't care about shipment better to not do it23:58
cedkplantian: idem for invoice23:58
cedkACTION go to sleep23:58

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