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efxHi, I don't know if this is the best strategy to go but.. I have a tryton model (the patient model from the GNUHEALTH project) that I want to make accessible to both patient and practitioner however I want them to work on two distinct copies of the same entry ( this is crucial to control the changes made by both the patient and the practitioner).10:16
efxDo you think it is better to create a full copy of the gnuhealth.patient model or to do everything in the same model ?10:16
cedkefx: don't understand, what do you mean by copy?10:23
efxcedk: I mean a copy of the gnuhealth.patient model something like gnuhelath.patient210:26
efxcedk: I don't know maybe its simpler and better to add an extra field to the current model to link 2 entries but I was thinking that it would be easier with an other model, however I don't know if a copy can be done without having to copy the whole model class..10:38
cedkefx: please expose your *real* problem10:40
efx1/ patient should have access to their medical data,10:41
efx2/ practitian should have access to the medical data of their patient10:42
efx3/ the modification made by the patient on its medical data should not directly modify what the practician is seeing (in other word the practitian can accept or reject the modification)10:43
cedkefx: I don't understand, you mean that patient will have Tryton installed to update it ?10:43
efxI created a web interface to tryton so he will use that10:44
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cedkefx: so you don't care about access control, just do it in you web interface10:45
efxcedk: what do you mean by "do it" in your web interface ?10:46
efxI mean I need a somehow to have a backup of the data10:49
efxthat's why I was thinking of using an other model10:49
sharoonthomascedk: would try_assign at the stock.shipment.out level be the right place to hack if we had to implement multi-warehouse shipping ?12:27
cedksharoonthomas: i don't think so12:29
cedksharoonthomas: because draft move are already part of the supply chain12:29
cedksharoonthomas: I guess if you have many warehouse there is a strategy to fill them12:29
sharoonthomascedk: ok, so what would be your recommendation ?12:29
sharoonthomascedk: like prefer a primary warehouse for products ?12:30
cedksharoonthomas: for example12:30
sharoonthomascedk: did i miss something12:38
cedksharoonthomas: I think you must first define the warehouse management strategy12:44
sharoonthomascedk: ok12:44
cedksharoonthomas: I think generally, company sale from the closest one12:44
sharoonthomascedk: yes12:44
cedksharoonthomas: so warehouse is choosen at the sale12:47
sharoonthomascedk: but how to fulfill if the product is available on a different warehouse ?12:48
cedksharoonthomas: there is order point between warehouse12:48
sharoonthomascedk: but there are no internal transfers ?12:49
cedksharoonthomas: don't understand12:50
sharoonthomascedk: to simplify, at the moment we have warehouse at the order level, but is it possible to move them to order line level ?12:51
sharoonthomascedk: this would allow fulfilling the same order from multiple warehouses12:51
sharoonthomascedk: and filling the warehouse at the line could be based on the warehouse management strategy ?12:51
cedksharoonthomas: what is the point ?12:52
sharoonthomascedk: lets say that there are two warehouses - A & B12:54
sharoonthomascedk: A has some products and B has others12:54
sharoonthomascedk: It should be possible to take a single order with products available in both warehouses12:55
sharoonthomascedk: and create shipments from A & B with the corresponding products12:55
cedksharoonthomas: i don't see a simple solution12:56
sharoonthomascedk: agree with that. I looked at SAP B1 implementation and they seem to take warehouse at the line level13:02
cedksharoonthomas: we could make room in base module to easy such customization13:04
cedksharoonthomas: and indeed it is already there13:04
cedksharoonthomas: see there is a function field on saleline to get the warehouse13:04
sharoonthomasACTION looking at code13:04
cedksharoonthomas: so you could already customize it to return an other warehouse13:05
cedksharoonthomas: and move line are grouped by warehouse13:05
sharoonthomascedk: could you share a link13:06
sharoonthomascedk: to the source13:06
sharoonthomascedk: i see the method _group_shipment_key13:07
cedksharoonthomas: I don't really have link or it is the all file13:08
cedksharoonthomas: on SaleLine there is a warehouse function field13:08
sharoonthomascedk: looks like its just a matter of changing how warehouse in line is handled13:08
sharoonthomascedk: exactly, what do you think of using the warehouse on sale by default (current behavior) and an override_warehouse (m2o stock.location) which overrides for specific lines ?13:09
cedksharoonthomas: I really think it is custom how you choose your warehouse13:13
sisalphello, I cannot find info on about third party modules. Looking for contract_management and periodic invoicing/renewal13:49
sharoonthomascedk: your API designs and vision is amazing.13:54
cedksisalp: look at PyPI if they have been released13:55
sisalpcedk: I should have thought about it by my self ! There are plenty of good modules on pypi ;-)14:04
cedksisalp: the link is on download page of
sisalpI found a subcription module from zikzikmedia, I remember of another module from Netherlands. Nobody knows where it was ?14:19
sisalpzikzikmedia module is certainly the one to consider Thank you.14:45
corrosisalp: just out of curiosity: what is this subscription module for?14:47
sisalpI'm evaluating it for me (hosting services) and for a prospect who needs to manage a business center (shared offices)14:58
sharoonthomascedk: are we applying to be on GSoC this year ?15:05
cedksharoonthomas: I posted on the mailing list that I will not take the job15:07
sharoonthomascedk: missed the email, going back to the emails15:07
nacho586hay alguien?21:41
plantianDoes trytond use multiple processes or just multiple threads?22:58
juanfeplantian, I don't know, but to use multiple process it must use parallel python no?23:01
juanfeAs I figure it use: import threading23:02
plantianjuanfe: Yeah I think it must just use threading.23:08

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