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prusglajotemisHello. What is the best way to log scheduled actions (cron) ?10:24
rpitI had some problems with the tool for codereview. i got the following message: Uploading base file for trytond/model/ Unhandled exception. Unauthorized sender [InvalidSenderError]12:46
rpitBut the upload is accepted. After first upload the patch file was there, but not the base file to show the diff. After second upload the base file ist there and the diff works! Is this a known problem or what is my error?12:48
cedkrpit: it happens sometimes with appengine12:52
cedkrpit: we would like to move out and host ourself codereview12:53
rpitcedk: ok, then the codereview issue 767002 seems formally ok to me12:55
mrechteHello, Is that normal that invoking trytond without -v option shows INFO logging but not ERROR logging whereas -v options shows both ?18:14
cedkmrechte: the logging of trytond should be completly reviewed like it was on tryton18:17
Pilouthis patch add log level choice & colored stdout , patch will be submitted after the release18:19
cedkPilou: did it follow the same simple cmd line as the client ?18:22
Piloucurrently a "log_level" parameter is added in trytond.conf but adding support for a command line parameter is a good idea18:25
cedkPilou: when I reworked the client logging, at first I wanted to provide all the options of logging module18:28
cedkPilou: but I found it was a bad idea, because it is too complex18:29
cedkPilou: for me it must be simple: -v some info, -vv more info, -vvv all info18:29
Pilouie only ERROR, INFO, DEBUG (warning & critical excluded) ?18:30
cedkPilou: critical devrait toujours ĂȘtre affichĂ©18:35
cedkPilou: warning = info18:35
cedkPilou: faut regarder le client18:35
muellihm. Am I reading trytond/protocols/ right that it supports HTTP Basic Auth only? :-\18:38
cedkmuelli: yes18:41
cedkmuelli: that's why you should always use ssl18:42
muellinah. I don't trust all the SSL implementations. I.e. the one on my N900 doesn't receive updates for all those broken CAs. And the UIs usually don't offer me to pin certificates.18:43
muelliso I see SSL as good as plain text. And I wouldn't want my password to fly over the wire.18:44
cedkmuelli: patch for other auth are  welcome18:45
muelliDigest Auth is messy :-\ I'd reuse stuff from, say, tornado.18:45
cedkmuelli: Digest Auth, I think need to know the password on server side18:47
muelliwell. A hashed version of that.18:47
muellilike pre hashed IIRC.18:47
muellithere is stuff from cyclone, not tornado: I have just seen tryton for the first time though. So I don't dare yet to implement any of that.18:49
muelliI just submitted a trivial patch though ;-)18:49
cedkmuelli: Tryton store an sha1 of the password18:50
muelliwell. That's going to be tough then. If it's unsalted, which is hopefully isn't, then the user could use that :o)18:51
cedkmuelli: it is salted18:53
muellibad luck then.18:54
muelliAs I've said: I know next to nothing about Tryton. Could I have multiple calendars? Or multiple users? With an ACL or so, so that each user can only write to her calendar?18:55
cedkmuelli: yes18:55
cedkto all18:56
cedkmuelli: you can also give write access to others18:56
cedkmuelli: or readonly access18:56
cedkmuelli: and indeed with the high modularity of Tryton, you could almost implement any kind of access rights18:58
muelli:D Okay. Maybe I rephrase: Can I do all that easily? ;-) I don't mind writing code. But I wouldn't necessarily want to learn a new framework. (although it's exciting, but not all too cool if you have to get stuff done)18:59
muellithanks for the answers btw. Highly appreciated :)19:00
cedkmuelli: simple access right management is there by default19:01
cedkmuelli: so for each calendar you can define who is the owner (if there is one)19:01
cedkmuelli: who can write on it19:01
cedkmuelli: and who can read it19:01
giedriusi am wonder if it is a bug or planned behaviour, that the credit/debit is not cumulated over all fiscal years on accounts used in balance sheet20:11
giedriusexample: company was founded few years ago (with starting capital) and now, in the current years, i don't see the capital on the balance sheet20:13
cedkgiedrius: yes it was changed recently20:27
giedriuscedk: sorry, i described it wrongly. I mean, I have zero balance on capital on account.account.type, even it was credited few fiscal years ago20:32
giedriuscedk: I tried to step into Type.get_amount method, and i see that the wrong amounts are passed to type_sum[]20:33
giedriuscedk: now I noticed, that all my previous fiscal years are still open, so maybe it has some effect on how are calculated20:36
giedriusi mean and account.debit (properties)20:37
giedriuscedk: i think with Transaction().set_context(cumulate=True) is missing on Type.get_acount where the accounts are searched20:51
giedriusi'll write an issue/patch for this20:53
rpitcedk: Seems I not able to send a comment to rietveld issue 767002 anymore. I get always the InvalidSenderError.21:06
rpitNo matter using or the browser interface21:07
giedriusrpit: fyi, I just did this a minute ago without any problem21:08
rpitgiedrius: I had the problems some hours ago, but the data has been send finally. Now I don't know what to try anymore!21:10
plantianhey guys, when I click Report on a sale there are two entries in the drop down "Sale" and "Sale", is this duplication happening because I customized the sale report?21:43
plantianI try to do this but it no longer seems to work in 2.6 or somehow the prior keyword is not disabled? --

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