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trytonnoobQ: is there a way duplicate the records , after saving it, to another module?07:33
nicoetrytonnoob: I don't understand your question. .copy does not work for you ?08:04
trytonnoobnicoe: sorry for my bad english,, umm its like i have this 2 modules,, on module 1, after i save the records i have put in there, i need it to be saved also on module 208:08
nicoeI still don't understand. Once you saved a record it is stored in the database, you can then access it from another module (look for example how the sale module use the product module)08:16
trytonnoobnicoe: its like, when i save the record, it will also be saved at the second module at the same time..  i dont know if tryton have that capability, as of now im working my way overiding the 'create/write' to make it also save to the 2nd-modules table, (module 1 and 2 got different tables assigned to them, sorry again trying my best to express my self here)08:43
nicoetrytonnoob: duplicating data is not a good idea. Why do you want to do that.08:49
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iamnoobnicoe: its because i got this module for incoming product transfers, after the record has beens save, i need to add the same recored to the Inventory records10:37
nicoeiamnoob: why don't you use the stock module and its concepts ?11:06
iamnoobnicoe: i like to, but my professor want me to make my own type of it,  im doing this for my thesis.. soo im wondering if there something like that11:27
nicoeiamnoob: you use tryton for your thesis¸ cool … I am curious now in which school ?11:30
nicoeiamnoob: for your thesis: I think you should take a look at how the purchase module is plugged in the stock module to understand the tryton workflow and then design your own11:32
iamnoobnicoe: thanks will do that11:59
iamnoobnicoe: umm some not soo famouse school here in the philippines :)11:59
corrois there a way in Tryton 2.6 to show inactive records in a tree view? Back in 2.4 there was a default search "Active: False", but that does not work anymore.12:02
pokolicorro: that works on 2.612:07
pokolicorro: in wich module are you appling the filter?12:08
corropokoli: the list of menu entries. I've disabled the 'Party' menu entry and now I'm unable to find it again12:09
corropokoli: you're right, in the product tree view it works as always12:10
pokolicorro: the tree view must have the active field and invisible12:10
pokolicorro: and that field is not defined on the menu tree view12:11
corropokoli: neither is it on the product tree view, but there it works12:11
corropokoli: ah, now I see: it IS defined on the product tree view, but the field is set to tree_invisible = True12:13
pokolicorro: correct, that's the reason why it apears on the search view12:13
pokolicorro: for a fast fix, you must inherit menu view adding the active field12:14
pokolicorro: but for me is a bug and should be fixed on core12:14
corropokoli: yes, I'll open a bug report12:15
corropokoli: thanks for the assistance12:15
pokolicorro: would you provide a patch for this?12:16
corropokoli: sure12:16
pokolicorro: perfect. I wanna tell you that if you wouldn't provide the patch i would provide it for you :)12:17
corropokoli: I'm a developer myself, just getting accustomed to 2.6. I can handle the task ;)12:19
smarrocorro: pokoli: it's fixed on 2.816:28
pokolismarro: thanks for the comment. I will try to upgrade to 2.8 this weekend :)16:29
corrosmarro: you sure? as far as I see, the field is still missing in my fresh working copy16:30
smarrocorro: you are talking about the active field in party?16:32
corrosmarro: no, about the active field in ir.ui.menu16:32
smarrocorro: sorry...16:33
corrosmarro: the menu entry I disabled just happened to be the one from party :)16:33
smarrocorro: ah, ok :)16:34
b0r7what does 'ir' stand for (ir module).. im guessing interface relation or ..17:10
b0r7simply 'interface'17:12
PilouIt's not known, this comes from tinyerp (i bet "internal ressources").17:16
b0r7and 'res' ??17:17
b0r7ahh resources17:17
b0r7is there a way to get a most detailed log file of whats tryton doing .. e.g. set a different log level of tryton server..17:20
b0r7im trying to get a hello world module going but it wont 'install' (tryton 2.8)..17:21
b0r7but having trouble finding out what i am missing..17:21
b0r7im trying to look at other modules learning what it needs to have in it.. but well obviously missing something17:22
b0r7i believe i have read most docs in files and on wiki etc.. but am stuck atm17:23
Piloub0r7: Is your new module listed in the 'Modules' view (See Administration/Modules/Modules) ?17:28
b0r7Pilou: yes. i can mark it for install but it will stay this way after 'performing pending upgrades'17:29
b0r7maybe ill but it up at pastebin.. one second17:30
b0r7i commented the pastebin in case google picks it up.. in the mailing list i saw some interest in a helloworld explanation..17:54
jeancavallob0r7: in, remove Hello() and add __all__ = ['Hello'] just under your imports17:55
Piloub0r7: in xml file, remove "icon" attribute from "menuitem" tag (or use an existent icon).18:01
b0r7jeancavallo: thank you. put it still wont install (staying and 'To be installed')18:01
jeancavallob0r7: You can try removing the tryton version info in your tryton.cfg, though I am not sure it will help18:04
Pilouit won't help18:05
b0r7tryied removing icon (helloworld.xml) and removing version number (tryton.cfg).. still the same18:06
b0r7thanks so far .. im updating the pastebin and go over 'meditate' over  dashboard module.. maybe itl help18:08
udonob0r7: hi, try res in depends18:09
udono    ir18:09
udono    res18:09
b0r7udono: thank you: still not showing up or installing18:11
udonob0r7: did you restart trytond -u all -d <database_name>18:13
b0r7i did not.. bit will now18:13
b0r7udono: that was probably it.. i did not realised restarting the server would be necessary.. cool!18:15
udonob0r7: Yes and an external module for Tryton must depend on ir and res at least.18:16
b0r7son one has to restart the server after change of code.. or once it is intalled one can use the dev mode in the client?18:17
jeancavallob0r7: Not necessarily. If you change code that does not impact the DB (like adding a new non-function field), the server should automatically reload the file.18:20
rpitHi, I'm trying to import invoices and need the account m2o-field. But the name of the account isn't unique. What's best practise to import such a record?18:25
b0r7im thinking of progressing further with the helloworld and document my 'findings' can anyone contribute to the googel wiki?18:28
b0r7can = could18:28
b0r7ah.. i see it now.. the button for editing i mean18:29
udonob0r7: you can send cedk your google email address. He is able to give you editing permissions.18:29
udonorpit: sounds strange: the name of the account isn't unique. What does it mean?18:30
Piloub0r7: there is another sample, the training module
jeancavallob0r7: 2.8 just came out, but most of 2.6 resources should be reliable as no major changes occured in the basic server APIs18:35
b0r7Pilou: thanks, i didn't know that one18:36
rpitudono: account 1400 in skr03. It's name is also used in it's group. On import you get the error message "Zu viele Beziehungen gefunden..."18:37
udonorpit: You can try to add type != 'view'18:37
udonorpit: in the domain18:38
b0r7jeyncavallo: yeah.. and the overall 'search' thingy is really cool feature! and i think i saw that the CDATA elements in xmls are gone?18:39
b0r7but i could be mistaken18:39
rpitudono: At this point Tryton don't use the domain. It's before. The domain is filled with 'kind' and then it would be the only account.18:39
rpitI found it. One can search with 'rec_name' and that's is not the rec name 'code + name', it's just the code.19:02

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