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MartinGuzmanhello everybody! I have just a question: is there already a payroll management module (official or unofficial)?04:01
MartinGuzmanacu, meanmicio, ecarreras, plantian, flox, cartes, lids: is someone connected?06:09
MartinGuzmanI  just have a question: is there already a payroll management module (official or unofficial)?06:09
MartinGuzman** I  just have a question: is there already a payroll management module (official or unofficial)?06:09
plantianMartinGuzman: i'm not sure, maybe check the google group?06:31
plantianMartinGuzman: Also usually best time for response is in 4-5 hours in European time zone starts up I think, although it will be Saturday.06:31
MartinGuzmanplantian, thank you for the advice!06:35
MartinGuzmanplantian, i'll try to ask in a few hours or on Monday.. :)06:36
digitalsatori@cedk, do you think OpenERP's stock calculation has fundamental inferior, as it always sum all the historical stock moves. Will that become a huge performance bottle neck when the move records  become huge as time goes by?10:26
cedkdigitalsatori: yes10:28
cedkdigitalsatori: that's why we have created
cedkdigitalsatori: also if I remember well OpenERP SUM quantities per UOM and then sum them after convertion10:30
cedkdigitalsatori: in Tryton, we store on move the quantity also in default stock uom10:31
cedkdigitalsatori: so the sum is done once and convertion is done at the end if user requested an other uom10:31
digitalsatoricool, cedk, this worries haunt me for sometime, you explained very clearly10:39
digitalsatoriI will take a look at your code, strange, why those OpenERP guy didn't do anything on this10:39
cedkdigitalsatori: I don't think they are focused on making a generic ERP10:41
cedkdigitalsatori: and they target small companies10:43
digitalsatorii c10:44
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oscarWhy is used the field invoice_report_cache (binary) in account_invoice ?16:57
oscarFor performance reason?16:57
cedkoscar: for legal reason16:58
oscarCedk: I am trying update the invoice.odt  for to apply Colombian Invoice, but I couldn't it. How can I update it?17:02
oscarso the idea is the replace default invoice.odt by custom .odt in my database, but account_invoice was installed with original odt file, I can't replace it17:05
cedkoscar: you can change in the database on the report record17:49
oscarcedk: Ok, I understand17:53
plantianIs this up to date for the 2.8 migration?:
cedkplantian: I think so22:44
cedkplantian: not so much API change for 2.822:44
plantiancedk: Okay thanks, I just changed all calls to create(), I'm going to try to rebuild my environment now for 2.8 in hopes it fixes my slowness problem.22:51
plantiancedk: Does the inherits affect custom modules if you use product/template?22:52
plantian*inherits change22:52
cedkplantian: probably22:53
plantianha mis-click and deleted everything i downloaded23:01
plantiandamn up arrow23:01
plantianis it 5 yet23:01
plantianWhat are you working on ?23:01
plantianoops wrong window23:20

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