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laurent_pvzHi, is there some end-user documentation available somewhere ?10:52
laurent_pvzespecialliy for the french accounting module10:52
mightyiamhi. i've used to in trytond-2.8.0. i noticed there's no uninstall parameter to that. how can i uninstall please?17:21
mightyiamwhere do i find the list of installed files?17:21
mightyiami'd like to clean it up17:22
mightyiamanyway, i need a free erp/ecommerce solution. i tried going in the direction of openerp+magento with some connector but it is just not tightly integrated enough17:24
cedkmightyiam: it is not a Tryton issue but a general Python:
mightyiamcedk, i imagined it would be17:31
cedkmightyiam: by the way, you should take a look at nereid17:40
mightyiamcedk, that's what i thought but there's not even a screenshot of it on the webs17:42
cedkmightyiam: it is a framework to build any web site and in partuclar an ecommerce17:50
cedkmightyiam: screenshot will not help you to decide about it17:50
cedkmightyiam: because the look is up to the implementor17:50
cedkjust like there is no screenshot on django17:51
mightyiamcedk, i hoped it was a high level ecommerce...18:02
mightyiamanyway, thanks a bunch18:02
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Ing0_any rules in here?20:39
Ing0_or anyone awake?20:39
Ing0_I'm trying to get tryton to work on a 32bit up2date ubuntu 12.04 machine20:42
Ing0_tried to use tryton from the repos20:42
Ing0_but as I discovered, there is a timezone related bug which is fixed in versions 2.2++ but not the 2.2 ubuntu offers20:43
Ing0_from repos20:43
Ing0_I used that PPA to get my hands on 2.820:43
Ing0_on a fresh installed ubuntu 32 bit box20:43
Ing0_everything works fine20:43
Ing0_but I cannot create a database through the tryton client20:43
Ing0_recieving a Segementation Fault20:44
Ing0_logs seem good20:44
Ing0_just INFO lines20:44
Ing0_no FATALs or ERRORs20:44
Ing0_Any ideas?20:44
coepswhats the db?20:45
Ing0_postgres ... wait20:45
Ing0_didn't impact on anything the PPA suggestd20:46
coepsseg faults rather point to 32/64 problems, did you check the db-client version?20:48
Ing0_you mean the postgres db-client?20:49
Ing0_Is there some place where I can see the necessary dependencies?20:50
Ing0_Like I said20:50
Ing0_I did rely on the PPA suggested packages to be installed20:50
Ing0_ok wait20:52
Ing0_ oh no, forget it. My mistake. I forgot to uncommnent the admin password in /etc/trytond.conf20:58
Ing0_thank you for listening anyway20:59

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