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iamnoobhi, im trying to learn what is..  when does one need to use it?09:13
jeancavalloiamnoob: It allows you to define fields which will be stored in another table than the model's main table09:18
jeancavalloiamnoob: But I think they are supposed to be replaced by Dict fields (need confirmation)09:19
iamnoobjeancavallo: correct me if im wrong, do you mean.. if i got 2 model, and im using that in the 1st model, its possible that i can save that in the 2nd model?09:23
jeancavalloiamnoob: the tble which will be used to store the values is (cf doc)09:23
iamnoobjeancavallo: when you say table.. its the one in the database?09:25
jeancavalloiamnoob: yes09:25
jeancavalloiamnoob: Loke the doc says, it behaves like a Function field from your model point of view, with get / set / search automatically defined to use the table for storage09:26
iamnoobjeancavallo: hmm i see.. actually i did not clear get what the docs says.. since, but thanks for clearing it out09:27
jeancavalloiamnoob: There are some examples in the tryton modules (account_product for instance)09:28
iamnoobjeancavallo: got it, thanks!09:28
sisalpis there a plan for an expense sheet project for tryton ?14:23
cedksisalp: there is the cost in project_revenue14:26
sisalpI mean a projct to add an expense sheet module14:27
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cedksisalp: there was an attempt but it failed14:30
sisalpis it possible to put a link (url) to a document instead of copying it in the erp14:35
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cedksisalp: yes there is a link field in attachment14:38
sisalpis there a bank statement module + reconciliation ?15:24
sisalpit seems to be a csv under a general standard15:26
sisalpformat is cfonb15:33
cedksisalp: account_statement15:33
sisalpreading doc15:34
sisalpnot in doc15:34
sisalpnothing in tryton.cfg15:35
sisalpcan it import a cfonb statement ?15:35
cedksisalp: no15:37
sisalpand a csv  not cfonb ?15:42
sisalpany description of account_statement somewhere ?15:43
cedksisalp: out of the box surely no15:43
sisalpis reconciliation similar to openerp once statement is validated ? or better ?15:47
cedksisalp: once statement is validated, don't see how it could be better16:01
sisalpI think the new prospect I just talked to is convinced by Tryton.16:09
sisalphe would save time with an expense module and cfonb import16:10
sisalphe plans to use production module for his products16:10

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