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hydrosiiii know is a stupid question00:01
hydrosiiibut where are the module subdirectory located in the debian default installation00:01
hydrosiiidoes debian uses
cjbarnes18debian (i delieve) only install the distribuded files not the whole source tree00:05
cjbarnes18it is usually located somewhere under /var/lib/python...00:06
cjbarnes18in wheezy this is /var/lib/python-support/python2.6/00:07
hydrosiiiso where do i copy the modules?00:10
cjbarnes18hydrosiii: you can run python install on each of them00:21
hydrosiiiis it the debian way??00:25
hydrosiiii mean, have debian made setup.py00:25
hydrosiiito install the server??00:25
hydrosiiiwhen i use apt-get00:25
hydrosiiiso that the modules get installed right00:25
hydrosiiithe modules are located under /usr/share/pyshared/trytond/modules00:28
cjbarnes18hydrosiii: debian will keep the package files seporate so that an update to tryton from the repo will now wipe your lacally installed packages00:52
cjbarnes18if you want to walk on the wild side then you could put the new modules under trytond/modules/00:53
cjbarnes18but then you will have to find missing dependancies from errors...00:53
hydrosiiihehe, so i just walked on the wild side01:00
hydrosiiilet me install the modules using setup.py01:00
hydrosiiiit seems that it requires tryton 2.801:09
hydrosiiii ll try to upgrade via the package manager01:09
cjbarnes18I dont think you will find it with apt unless you are on sid01:18
cjbarnes18at least not in official repos01:19
hydrosiiiin using the repos01:19
hydrosiiiin debian tryton.org01:19
hydrosiiithey pack 2.8 for wheezy01:19
hydrosiiiand jessie01:19
cjbarnes18ahh ok01:21
hydrosiiinot luck01:28
hydrosiiii dont understand , but it seems that the project has versionfor 2,8 and 2.601:28
hydrosiiii mean modules01:28
hydrosiiithey dot install well01:29
hydrosiiicd ..01:29
hydrosiiii have an unmet dependecie01:33
hydrosiiiim missing that module01:33
hydrosiiii've tried installing this
hydrosiiidoesnt seem to be the right module01:34
sisalphydrosiii: hi, just read part of the discussion. for an alternative way to install Tryton on Debian, you can refer to
sisalphydrosiii: it is a fully automated install on a new minimal server01:44
hydrosiiii have seen that01:50
hydrosiiibut now my server is running i was able to connect and stablich a database01:50
hydrosiiithe thing is, that for me  the program without Point os Sale is useless01:50
hydrosiiiso that is why i need a pos module, does this script do module installation automattically?01:51
hydrosiiieven of non official modules?01:51
hydrosiiithe thing is im trying to install pos module provided in01:52
hydrosiiithe mantainer says its ready for production01:52
hydrosiiibut i got lost when instlling the modules01:53
hydrosiiiill try to contact the mantainer01:55
hydrosiiiim not uderstanding the installation of this module at all01:55
hydrosiiisee you thanks for the help02:12
sisalphydrosiii: no, the script doesn't automate extra module addition. This was considered as trivial.03:07
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sisalpdoes someone know how to install tryton client on mac ? I have a .dmg  and then ?12:38
cedksisalp: click on it12:39
cedksisalp: it will mount it (dmg is a fs image)12:39
sisalpyes it starts but then I cannot create a new profile12:39
cedksisalp: then drag and drop the Tryton icon in your app folder12:40
sisalpadd and remove are grey12:40
sisalpeven if I start it in app folder12:40
cedksisalp: strange, I'll check12:41
cedksisalp: here I can12:45
cedksisalp: which version ?12:46
cedksisalp: tested on this one also12:47
sisalpthe connection to demo server fails12:47
sisalpmaybe a network problem12:47
cedksisalp: it works here12:48
sisalpcan it be linked ?12:48
cedksisalp: so yes if you don't have internet, I guess the manage dialog box could be blocked because there is a default demo profile12:48
sisalpcan network failure to demo server be linked with the profile window ?12:48
cedksisalp: I think12:49
sisalpok, so we'll fix in this order12:49
sisalpseems canceling demo profile also fails12:50
sisalpwhich means internet is mandatory for starting a client, which is a (small) problem12:50
sisalpyou may want to operate the erp in an isolated cell12:51
cedksisalp: you don't need the profile manager to connect to your sever12:52
sisalpaha, ok, yes I can by-pass it indeed12:52
sisalpanyway I still think we must be able to delete a default profile12:53
cedksisalp: yes need to be tested12:54
sisalpcedk: thank you for your answer. will let you know.12:55
cedksisalp: what is the state of the network ?12:55
sisalpcedk: I don't know, I have the user on the phone, and I think you provided enough info for him to proceed.12:56
sisalphe is not in an isolated cell, just working over a network he doesn't manage and he will move to another place to fix it12:57
sisalpcedk: he suspets a firewall issue12:57
sisalpthank you12:58
cedksisalp: could you fill an issue about it12:59
kollomanJust playing arround with the ir.actions - ir.action.url can only handle static urls?13:38
cedkkolloman: yes but you can combine with a wizard to compute the url13:39
kollomanI wanted to generate a url from items selected in a treeview13:40
kollomancedk: so user can select 3 lines and do an action on it13:40
kollomancedk: just open a browser with 3 ids as query string13:41
kollomancedk: with a wizzard he has to select the lines again - right?13:41
cedkkolloman: no, the wizard will have the ids of the line from the 'active_ids' key in the context13:43
kollomancedk: ok - will try that, thanks a lot13:44
kollomancedk: is there a example? How I pass the generated url to an action?13:50
cedkkolloman: don't think so but there are many example of wizard which customize their StateAction13:51
kollomancedk: thanks again13:55

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