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oscar_Which is the difference between16:39
oscar_for example16:40
oscar_party = Party()16:45
cedkoscar_: that's pretty slow16:56
oscar_ok, what's is better party = Party; = ABC or Party.create([{name: ABC}])?16:57
oscar_Sorry, ok, what's is better party = Party; = ABC;    or  Party.create([{name: ABC}])?17:01
cedkoscar_: depend of your goal17:47
oscar_cedk: just I want to create new record, but I don't understand the difference between both methods17:49
cedkoscar_: one is in two steps, the other in one17:50
cedkoscar_: indeed I would say it depends if you want to return the instance to allow further customisation or not18:03
oscar_cedk: Thanks I understand18:04
rpithi, how can I put an image, company.logo, to a report. I tried with 'native' company.logo and StringIO(company.logo), but Tryton at some point always trys to encode the image and ends up in an encoding error. Is there a way? I'm using Tryton 2.6, Relatorio 0.5.7 and Genshi 0.6?20:47

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