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jeancavallohi all10:31
jeancavalloIs it possible to open a form view through an act_window ? The id would be set with the domain10:32
jeancavalloI tried the naive version of it. It indeed open the form view in a separate tab, but the id is not set. Instead, it seems to create a new record.10:33
giammiHello, I installed tryton-client from the Debian Wheezy repository. Tried to connect to the demo and I get a errno-2 name or service not known.17:18
giammido I need to install some additional software?17:19
giammiThe demo is at
bechamelgiammi: Hi, only up to 2.8 are available17:21
bechamel2.0 is two year olds17:22
giammibechamel, ok, that is the standard that appears in debian17:26
giammibechamel, so there is basically no way to test tryton when using debian17:27
Pilougiammi: there is another debian repository,17:28
Piloutryton debian developpers don't user debian backport repo17:28
bechamelgiammi: the easiest imo is to use pip/easy-install17:33
giammibechamel, ok will do. I just read the information on the website, and it says "Install the version provided by your operating system distribution. This is the quickest and recommended option for those who has operating system that distributes Tryton."17:35
giammi( So I assumed that was the procedure to follow...17:35
giammibut I see the problem with different/older versions in debian - will go the pip/easy-install route then17:36
giammibechamel, Pilou thanks for your help17:36
bechamelgiammi: you are welcome17:37
Piloutryton, trytond & modules (2.6 & 2.8) packages seem available for debian stable at

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