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iamnoobanyone here encountering the error notice , when creating a new group then adding a access permissions? where the custom modules you install suddenly disappear?08:55
jeancavallo1Anyone knows of a way to add a context to a button ? I got 4 buttons on the same screen, which call the same wizard. I would want to know (in the wizard) which button was clicked on.11:25
pokolijeancavallo1: why 4 buttons for the same wizard? It's a bit strange, don't it?11:50
jeancavallo1pokoli: I got 4 similar fields on my main object. The id is to use a wizard to update them, and I would like to use buttons ('Update field1', 'Update field 2', ...). I use the same wizard for all as the update mechanisms are very similar, but I need to know which field I am working on to do a proper update.12:33
pokolijeancavallo1: why not creating only a button to update all fields?12:35
jeancavallo1pokoli: I need a wizard to allow the user to input data for the update. To make it simple, it is as though the wizard asks the user for the value to replace the field with.12:36
pokolijeancavallo1: so, you ask for the value of the 4 fields, if the value is blank you don't update it12:53
pokolijeancavallo1: otherwise create 4 diferent wizards with 4 diferents views12:54
jeancavallo1pokoli: The reason I want to use the wizard is that the value isn't that easy to get, so... I'll dig some more to see if I can avoid to duplicate the wizard12:55
jeancavallo1pokoli: thanks12:55
pokolijeancavallo1: AFAIK you can create a wizard and extend it 4 times to reuse the code12:56
jeancavallo1pokoli: Yes, that's my backup  plan :)12:57
pokolijeancavallo1: Would be great if you can share how you did it :)13:02
jeancavallo1pokoli: will do14:06

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