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iamnoobhi im trying to use on_change on a   but its not working? only have this on_change problem on a field.date08:38
jeancavalloiamnoob: What is not working ? AFAIK, there is no reason for which a Date field would have a different behaviour than any other field...09:04
iamnoobjeancavallo: thats what i would expect too. im trying to use the on_change of a and nothing is happening, im simply doing a python print , and nothing is showing up, so i decided to move my python print it to a field.char09:15
jeancavalloiamnoob: Did you see the on_change call in the client-server json log ?09:16
iamnoobjeancavallo: how can i find the json log?09:27
jeancavalloiamnoob: Use the -v and "-l DEBUG" options when launching the client. All json messages exchanged between the server and the client will be printed in the console09:29
jeancavalloiamnoob: So when you change your date field in the client, you should see a call to INFO:tryton.rpc:model.<your_model>.on_change + parameters09:31
iamnoobjeancavallo: thanks ill check the json logs.09:32
jeancavalloiamnoob: If you do not see the call in the log, it should mean that either there is a bug in the client (unlikely) or a depends / field no in view problem09:33
oscar__How can I set value in field origin on account.move, this 'origin': str(self) doesnt work for model account.voucher16:19
cedkoscar__: possible target must be define in get_origin16:21
oscar__cedk:  this my code
oscar__cedk: I think that get_origin was defined, but I am not sure :S16:25
cedkoscar__: I see no extention of account.move16:28
oscar__cedk: maybe line 96?16:32
cedkoscar__: don't understand16:34
oscar__cedk: on line 96 I define "move = fields.Many2One('account.move', 'Move', readonly=True)"16:34
cedkoscar__: nothing to do about defining account.voucher as possible origin on account.move16:35
oscar__cedk: So, I dont understand where I must to define account.move?16:37
cedkoscar__: you must extend it somewhere in your module16:39
oscar__cedk:  Thanks Ok, I founded !  in this file is the response:  account_invoice/account.py16:47

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