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moutamanhello there, i am new to tryton, and i would like to learn it within 2 weeks at most, also i would like to write my own module but i can not find any step by step guide to model developing, is there any book out there i can purchase?11:20
cedkmoutaman: not to my knowledeg11:35
cedkmoutaman: but there is the training module:
cedkmoutaman: not yet for 2.811:36
moutamancedk, i have 2.2 installed on my ubuntu 12.0411:37
cedkmoutaman: training module also exist on 2.211:37
cedkmoutaman: but this version starts to be old11:37
cedkmoutaman: if you start, better to start with latest11:37
moutamancedk: thax, i will remove 2.2 and install 2.6 and follow the training module11:38
cedkmoutaman: it is an mqueue repository where each commit is a step to build a simple module11:40
moutamancedk, i found the training module but i couldn't find guide to work with it11:42
cedkmoutaman: in the description there are the command to run11:43
cedkmoutaman: hg init training; cd training; hg clone .hg/patches; hg qpush;11:45
moutamancedk, thank you i am working on it now11:48
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