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sisalpI have a problem with nereid dependencies.15:40
sisalpfrom flaskext.babel import format_currency in the code doesn't work for me while15:42
sisalp>>> from flask_babel import format_currency doesn't complain15:43
pokolisisalp: just talked with sharon about it and he is fixing it now16:07
pokolisisalp: you can wait or do you want the rapid solution?16:07
sisalppokoli: I edited catalog/ and replaced flaskext by flask.ext and it seems ok16:09
pokolisisalp: yes, that's it16:10
pokolisisalp: nereid/contrib/ must be fixed too16:11
sisalppokoli: it came already corrected from from pypi16:12
sisalppokoli: starting to play with it now :-) thank you16:14
pokolisisalp: i'm in 2.8, and it wasn't fixed over there (until 14 minutes ago ;)16:15
pokolisisalp: have fun!!!! ;)16:15
sisalppokoli: where have you found modules for 2.8 ? had to go back to 2.6, because I couldn't locate them on pypi16:16
pokolisisalp: I'm currently creating PR on github with some 2.8 migrations :P16:17
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