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jvblascomorning everyone11:29
jvblascoi'm trying to make an access rule to allow users to only see registers they created11:31
jvblascois it possible?11:32
jvblascofor example, a user (customer) creates through web services a sale order11:33
jvblascoi want him to only be able to access their own sale orders and the other users sale orders11:34
jvblascocan u access the user that is making the request to use it as the field in the domain statement?11:35
udonojvblasco: hi11:36
udonojvblasco: yes, as far as it is a res.user, it should be accessible in the domain of a rule.11:37
udonojvblasco: just grep the other modules, and you will find many examples, IIUC.11:37
jvblascoand how do i access the res.user executing the request?11:38
jvblascoi tried with [('','=','self.create_uid')]11:38
udonojvblasco: btw. you will find more examples in the xml files of the internal modules like ir, res.11:38
jvblascoand i get the following error11:40
jvblascou mean i can do it with a view permission?11:40
jvblascocause those users will make request through web services, no views involved11:42
udonojvblasco: sorry phone11:42
jvblascoudono: np :)11:45
jvblascoudono: solved, it seems my coworker altered the order of the domain statement, he was trying [('statement', 'operand', 'field')] instead of [('field', 'operand', 'statement')]12:02
jvblascosorry everyone for the trouble12:02
jvblasconow we have problems with the views, but no problem at all as customers are only accessing the system through webservices12:03
jvblascobtw any recomendation for jsonrpc library for php?12:03
udonojvblasco: back. Good you solve the problem with the domain. About php and jsonrpc I have no idea.12:10
jvblascoudono: thnx ;)12:12
udonojvblasco: about the problems with the views: Is it the 'Yout try to bypass an access rule!' user-error?12:14
jvblascoudono: yeah, we noticed that the groups accessing a view are hardcoded in the view (for example for sales module in the view they declare that u have to be in group_sale to access)12:35
jvblascoudono: we are trying to create a special group for customers access rules to the system and u are required to be in the sales group (but we only want them to access their own records)12:37
jvblascodoes anyone know if there's any documentation regarding jsonrpc webservices? I mean how to make a request, how to login (get the user id)...14:41
Piloujvblasco: using bash &
vcardonhello everyone16:43
vcardoncan someone tell me the difference between "sequences strict" and "sequences", and an illustrative use of each?16:44
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jvblascoPilou: Thnx so much, i'll give it a try17:42
albertcavcardon: you still there for an explanation about sequences?18:57
albertcavcardon: sequence strict ensures there are no gaps when giving new numbers18:57
albertcavcardon: which is required only in some documents such invoices18:58
albertcavcardon: other documents that is not so important and so is better to avoid strict sequences because it avoids a lock in the database18:58
vcardonalbertca: thanks for the explanation, I was more or less sure that this was the purpose.I'm now hurting with the sequences that need to be unique per fiscalyear.19:34
vcardonI think will have to change this default behavior in my future instance (have sequences that span multiple fiscalyears)19:35
vcardonwe are evaluating a migration from OERP 6.0.4 to tryton 2.819:36
albertcaThen you should really check
albertcaYou can have sequences that span several fiscal years in tryton too afaik19:38
vcardonalbertca: we've checked out the migration scripts, but I have some dead rats in my OERP 6.0.4 closet from previous migrations and we're doing it mostly through the object layers, cleaning as we go.19:41
vcardonalbertca: also, we're more familiar with python scripting than with keetle, but the work that has been done is impressive, kudos19:41
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