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jvblascoguys i activated ssl on the tryton server, but now the client can't connect to the server, any trick i should know about?11:39
jvblascoin the wiki says that the client should connect without problems11:39
cedkjvblasco: fix your known_hosts file11:40
corrojvblasco: delete the corresponding line in ~/.config/tryton/<version>/known_hosts11:40
jvblascoahm ok11:40
jvblascocedk, corro: oh yeah, that did the trick, thnx so much11:41
jvblascowhen i create a new model, i register in the pooler the class name in the file. I defined all the egg files and module installs correctly. I installed it in the database. I registered in the RPC interface through __setup__ method. But when i try to invoke any method through RPC it throws a keyError in the __name__ of the model ('tenloahora.api.customer')12:15
jvblascoi used the same procedure i used in other modules to achieve that12:15
jvblascoand it isn't working12:15
jvblascoare module names and model names related anyhow?12:16
jvblascois there something i may be missing?12:16
jvblascoi also can't get the model with Pool().get('tenloahora.api.customer')12:23
jvblascoit throws the same error, as expected12:23
jeancavallo1Anyone knows how to get the current user id in a Pyson expression ? I am trying to set a domain on an act_window and need the user id for filtering.13:38
jeancavallo1okay so if anyone is wondering, the '_user' key is set in the context client-side, so one can use Eval('context', {}).get('_user')14:13
Pilou"Eval('_user')" is not sufficient ?14:19
cedkPilou: even if it works it is a bad idea, soon or later we will remove the usage of implicit context14:28
Pilouit's in trytond source code14:30
Pilouprecisely it was in request14:36
motaroHello, I was wondering how does it look to use the GTK client through a 'dialup' connection?16:20
motaroany experiences?16:20
jvblascomotaro: no idea, but my guess is that it will depend on the bandwidth available in the connection16:26
jvblascomotaro: anyway json-rpc is a very lightweigth protocol, u should not have any issues16:27
motarojvblasco, Is the engine is using synchronous communication?16:33
jvblascomotaro: what do u mean?17:34
motarojvblasco: The interface will it wait for server responses in order to respond to mouse clicks and keyboard?17:35
cedkmotaro: it depends of the event17:37
cedkmotaro: I think your problem will not be the bandwith but the latency17:40
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plantianthe mac client should support ssl right?21:23
plantiannevermind it works on another mac, i guess deleting the known_hosts is not enough to get the client to accept the change to ssl21:32

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