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ACBobbyi'm having a slight issue and i was wondering if anyone in here might be able to help with it :)06:21
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jvblascomay User = Pool().get('res.user')(Transaction.user) assign the user object to User?13:17
cedkjvblasco: don't understand13:17
jvblascoi need to retrieve the user object of the user that is making a request13:19
cedkjvblasco: so yes, User will be13:19
cedkjvblasco: convention is to use lower case for instance13:19
cedkjvblasco: oops, it is Transaction().user13:20
jvblascocedk: ok, thnx so much.13:21
jvblascocedk: so i guess Pool().get('')(id) retrieves the instance of the with the id, isn't it?13:22
cedkjvblasco: yes13:25
jvblascoand may id be an ids list to retrieve a list of instances?13:46
cedkjvblasco: no, you must use browse method13:47
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WUDHi, If I have two models A & B, can I have a fields.function(functions.O2M(b)) in A and fields.function(functions.M2O(a)) in B?15:37
abhisari want to make a model that would be in one2one relation  with sale.line .How can i do it??any modules where can i have reference for one2one field implementation16:14
cedkabhisar: not in base module because one2one relation should be used in very rare cases16:15
abhisarthen while creating one2one fields what should be the values of origin  and target16:20
cedkabhisar: one2one is like many2many16:21
jvblascocedk: ok thnx so much ;)17:08
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jvblascodoes anyone know how can i search a by email?20:18
jvblascoi tried with customer =[('email', '=', customer_email)]) but the server says that email field has no search function for it. I noticed that everything is related to party.contact_mechanism but in that model, email, is also a functional field so i guess that i won't be able to search it there too20:21
cedkjvblasco: you can do: [('contact_mechanisms.value', '=', <email>), ('contact_mechanisms.type', '=', 'email')]20:27
jvblascocedk: but i do it with or the model search method?20:27
jvblascocedk: thnx so much, i really appreciate the help cedk20:31
jvblascocedk: and how may i write that kind of field now?20:33
jvblascocedk: i see the function field has a setter method, but being a relation i don't really get how to do it?20:34
cedkjvblasco: I don't understand21:08
jvblascocedk: i need to go home cause office is closing gimme a moment to arrive home and connect, or i'll try tomorrow. Anyway i think i have it solver. The problem is that fucntional fields behaviour is not the same as the other fields and i'm still trying to learn how they really work21:16
jvblascocedk: anyway thnx so much for the help i need to finish the MVP asap and im getting a lot of help here ;)21:16
jvblascolater everyone21:17

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