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beadle_new install. trbl with MySQL.  edited trytond.conf.   service won't start.  fedora 1912:12
beadle_I'm able to connect the client to demo12:14
cedkbeadle_: using mysql is really not the best choice12:23
beadle_cedk: ok.   I think for my needs it's ok.  I'm just starting out and comparing to openERP.  I use mysql for a few other things and would prefer not to add another DBMS12:26
beadle_I basically just want to set up project and work tracking and invoice generation.  at least for now.12:26
cedkbeadle_: I'm not sure you will find a lot of help here about MySQL, almost everyone use PostgreSQL or SQLite (for testing)12:32
beadle_I created tryton db and user and gave the user access on all hosts.  restarting trytond had no different result.  would you do these same actions with SQLite?12:32
beadle_well, and also modified conf to point db type to host/port12:33
beadle_didn't find a way to specify schema name12:33
beadle_if you can help me setup for sqlite that probably would help a lot12:34
cedkbeadle_: for SQLite just define the data_path in conf and start trytond12:38
cedkbeadle_: use the client to create a database12:38
beadle_change db_type?  it's REMarked in the default conf12:42
beadle_cedk: not working.  not so easy on Fedora?12:49
beadle_thanks.  I'm going to take a fresh try tomorrow.   as for those guidelines, the client seems to force port8000 and such a profile in creating a db.12:52
guillemNaNcedk: is possible to call 'generate_series()' with python-sql?14:31
cedkguillemNaN: I don't think it is a standard function but you can create your own Function14:38
guillemNaNcedk:it is postgres function. How can I call a function with python-sql?15:11
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guillemNaNcedk: Do I do something like that ?15:34
cedkguillemNaN: more something like:
guillemNaNcedk: good. I add 'generate_series()' [1] as function for postgresql backend (like SQLite adds overlay)15:42
cedkguillemNaN: for me, it is not a standard SQL function so we can not add it15:48
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jvblascoone question: how do i set a selection field to a value?17:52
jvblascoif i do it from the client i have no issues17:52
jvblascobut when i try from the code i get: [0] => El campo "Tipo de envio" en "Venta" no se encuentra en la selección.17:53
nicoejvblasco: you're lucky I understand some spanish ;)17:53
jvblascoit means that the field in the model isn't in the selection17:53
nicoeyou should use the database value17:53
jvblascogimme a sec to check the database17:54
nicoea field selection is (database_value, nice_value)17:54
jvblasconicoe: im using the database one17:55
nicoejvblasco: the it should work17:55
jvblascothe problem is that the client can do it without problems, but i can't from the code17:55
jvblascoi always get the same error, no matter what i try17:55
nicoejvblasco: without the code there is very little I can do to help you18:11
jvblasconicoe: yeah, gimme a sec18:33
jvblasconicoe: i was required for other things18:34
jvblascogimme a sec to generate the paste bins18:34
jvblasconicoe: that's the code, and above i pasted the error18:36
jvblasconicoe: the client works without any problem18:37
nicoeYour code seems OK to me.18:38
nicoeBut it's only a very small snippets18:39
jvblascoi'm creating the object18:43
jvblascoi'm not doing anything special18:43
jvblascojust writing/creating an object18:43
jvblascoi'm trying in a clean database install18:43
jvblascoto check if the issue stays here18:44
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jvblasconicoe: in a clean database it doesn't work either19:25
jvblascowell see u tomorrow everyone19:27

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