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b0r7WalterN: well than there's no way around it: give it a go.. get an accountant to tell you what documents he wants and experiment which aspect you can manage with tryton of your day-to-day business (maybe all of em work?) and requirements and which ones (maybe) not (for now)..then ask for a dev for an estimate for your custom changes and helpers. Or go the fast route with quickbooks and keep an parallel eye on tryton. ;)00:09
WalterNb0r7: there is no accountant00:17
WalterNwell, not really, one of the other guys' wife is kinda doing it, but she does not know much about it either00:19
b0r7WalterN: okay.. ehmm you're doomed (<- supposed to be funny); but you'll have to report your financial data to someone or some institute of some kind and they should tell you what they'll aspect: usually: in and outgoing invoices and matching money moving proof (bank statements, credit card data).. but that all depends on the country you're in and whatnot00:22
b0r7and thats it, easy as pie00:23
b0r7WalterN: ah. sorry. i dont know a thing about taxing, accounting and reporting in the US of A (I'm in Germany)00:28
WalterNheh, alright00:32
b0r7WalterN: is just found a possibly helpful thread
WalterNdo the modules get installed to the server side?01:41
WalterNor the client?01:41
WalterNI would think the server01:41
cedkWalterN: server side01:46
WalterNI'd probably want the stock module too01:50
WalterNI guess01:50
WalterNstock forecast?01:51
WalterNis that to see when an order would be likely based on previous orders?01:52
cedkWalterN: no it is to forecast your product needs to make Tryton generate purchase request according01:57
WalterNcedk: is there anything to predict possible future orders based on past orders?02:24
cedkWalterN: no, I don't think there are really standard for that02:26
cedkWalterN: there is the Forecast button:
WalterNwhen I try to connect to the demo server it says incompatible version of the server03:11
WalterNwhy is only version 2.2 in the ubuntu and debian repositories?03:14
WalterNand 2.8 is the most up to date version03:19
WalterNlets see if there is a nice way to get everything to version 2.803:20
WalterNalright... debian testing has 2.8.205:09
WalterNACTION tries the demo05:16
WalterNoh gosh this is going to take a while to set up correctly05:17
WalterNI have no idea all the things05:18
WUDhello guys, came in here looking for help09:24
WUDI'm working on a Tryton module, which has a class say X, I'm writing tests for my module, but even though I have registered my class in the POOL in the __init__ of my module, whenever I do a POOL.get('X') in my test, it shows key error09:25
jeancavalloWUD: Could you show us your code ?09:26
-!- WUD(~WUD@unaffiliated/wud) has left #tryton16:07
giedriusis it possible somehow to see executed SQL queries by
cedkgiedrius: you can put print statement in execute of backend/<…>/database.py16:37
giedriusor to check all changed fields before executing
giedriuscedk: ok, btw openerp has a debug option to print queries with execution times. Sometimes its handy16:41
PilouWith PostgreSQL there is a 'log_statement' in postgresql.conf.16:41
cedkgiedrius: yeps we should try to improve the logging facilities16:42
giedriuscedk: would you accept such a thing?16:42
cedkgiedrius: I have some ideas, I will probably expose at the TUB16:44
giedriuscedk: cool, i hope they will be discussed on the mailing list too, as sadly, i have no chance to participate this year16:49
giedriuscedk: btw what is the last day to submit translates? (it would be great to put this info/rules on wiki)16:50
cedkgiedrius: I would like to be tomorrow16:52
giedriuscedk: ok16:54
Piloucedk: it seems that one mail I wrote is stuck in the moderation queue of tryton-dev mailing list.19:54
oscarI could not connect to server in 2.9 trunk, but my postgresql server is online and configured fine,20:09
oscarI am using localhost, pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf are fine, from 2.8 connection I can connect without problems?20:13
oscarI am using localhost, pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf are fine, from 2.8 connection I can connect without problems20:13
smarrooscar: try to configure the timezone in trytond.conf20:29
oscarsmarro: I solved thank you so much20:38
cedkPilou: You should fix your network to get your IP resolve for reverse lookup20:59
cedkPilou: it is IPv6 that doesn't resolve21:00

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